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County approved permit plans are required on site for all inspections including reinspections.

The FRAMING inspections are to be requested prior to any insulation materials being installed but after all sub rough-ins are complete. The roof covering is required to be installed prior to this inspection.

  1. All plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-in work must be completed prior to the framing inspection.

  2. Joists, studs, rafters and plates that have been cut, bored, or notched beyond allowances must be reinforced in accordance with the code requirements. Manufactured floor joist systems, trusses and manufactured beams that have been cut, bored or notched will be checked for compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. If the manufacturer’s specifications are exceeded a report will be required from the manufacturer or a registered design professional.

  3. Drywall ceiling nailers and tub/shower flange nailers must be in place. Wall top plates must be anchored to parallel ceiling joists.

  4. Roofing shall be complete.

  5. The spans and methods of attachment for all structural members are to be in accordance with the code and as shown on the approved permit plan set.

  6. All wood sills, which rest on concrete or masonry exterior walls and are less than 8″ from exposed earth, shall be pressure-treated.

  7. The subfloor shall be nailed in accordance with the code. The structure shall be accessible, free of obstructions and swept clean for the inspection. Sleepers and sills on a slab that is in contact with the earth shall be pressure-treated.

  8. Landings and stairs shall be installed. Landing width and depth tread width and rise shall meet code requirements.

  9. All attic areas are to be cross-vented according to the code.

  10. Smoke detectors shall be roughed-in in the required locations. (One in each bedroom, one in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms and one on each floor of the house and not closer than 3 ft. to an HVAC return air grill, a HVAC supply vent, a bathroom with a shower, or a kitchen.) The detectors shall be interconnected so that if one alarm is activated all alarms will sound; hardwired into the main electrical system and have a battery back-up.

  11. Attic areas that exceed 30 square feet and have a vertical height over 30″ shall have a min. 22″x30″ access opening with a minimum 30″ unobstructed headroom. This access may come from the existing attic. If mechanical equipment is located in the attic, the opening must be large enough to allow its removal.

  12. The installation of factory built fireplace units are inspected by the Plumbing/Mechanical Division. Have manufacturer’s installation instructions on site for all factory built units. Note: A separate permit and inspection(s) are required for this type of device.

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Building Inspections

Physical Address
Department of Building Construction and Inspections
4301 East Parham Road
Henrico, VA 23228

(804) 501-4360
Automated Permit System
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Department of Building Construction and Inspections
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