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Build your home. Build a sense of community. Build an innovative tomorrow. Build Henrico.


Build Henrico is Henrico County’s Enterprise Land Management Solution project that officially started in October of 2018. Once fully completed, this project will touch 17 different departments and over 340 employees across the organization. It will not only change the way Henrico does business internally, but the citizen’s and development community will see a huge shift in how they interact with us moving forward.

Build Henrico is not only offering convenience and control to its users, but time savings along with the benefit of being environmentally conscious. Applicants will be able to have control over their own personal online account where they will be able to apply for permits, pay fees, see application status’s, review plans, schedule inspections, print permits and certificates of occupancy, and submit feedback all with access to a web browser. No more trips to the government complex and no more paper copies of plans.
The ease of use of Build Henrico is endless.

Henrico County is bringing this project to the public in a series of three different phases. Each phase will bring forward another aspect of Build Henrico to the citizens. Follow this journey here and continue to grow with us in a new phase of land management. You will find all of the resources you need to learn Build Henrico right here on our website.




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