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Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District

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Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District is a subdivision of state government responsible under state law for natural resource conservation.  We are one of 47 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Virginia.  Established in 1975, Henricopolis serves the citizens of Henrico County.

The District is governed by a 5 member Board of Directors formed of local citizens who serve without pay. Three director positions are elected and two are appointed.  The District employs staff to carry out its programs.

Henricopolis works hand in hand with state, federal and county agencies, other conservation organizations and community partners to achieve our conservation objectives.

The Henricopolis staff spends most of its time in the field.  Leave a message the on our phone numbers listed and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Position Announcement: Education & Outreach Coordinator

The Henricopolis Soil & Water Conservation District (HSWCD) is accepting applications for the position of Education & Outreach Coordinator. This position is a full-time position that delivers programs and information to engage varied audiences in the work of HSWCD. This position is contingent upon District funding. The Education & Outreach Coordinator will coordinate and implement educational programs (K-12 & adult), events and outreach efforts, and serve as the point-of-contact for these programs. Additionally, this role will support the administration of many HSWCD programs and participate actively in events managed by other HSWCD personnel. The Education & Outreach Coordinator will work closely with various Henricopolis sub-commitments and report to the District Manager. This is an excellent opportunity for an educator and communicator with a wide skillset to support local conservation efforts with a supportive and experienced team.

Job Description + Application

Henricopolis SWCD
8600 Dixon Powers Drive
Henrico, VA 23228

Henricopolis SWCD
P.O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273

Charles Lively
Stacey Sovick



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