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ASM Global to Operate New Henrico Sports & Events Center

State-of-the-Art Convocation and Championship Complex Set to Open in October

Henrico Sports Event Center Updated (002)

ASM Global, the world’s leading venue management company and producer of live events, will operate the new Henrico Sports & Events Center, which is scheduled to open at Virginia Center Commons in October.

The Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority Board of Directors, which oversees the center, approved an initial five-year contract with ASM Global in July that may be extended annually up to five additional years.

“We are excited to partner with ASM Global to make the new Henrico Sports & Events Center one of the premier destinations for sporting events and other entertainment along the Eastern Seaboard,” said Dennis Bickmeier, executive director of the Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority. “ASM Global has unmatched expertise managing venues of all types and sizes, as well as an outstanding record of delivering great experiences for everyone associated with events – from organizers and participants to spectators and venue owners.”

“ASM Global has more than 350 venues in its global portfolio, ranging from small theaters to large arenas, convention centers and stadiums, many of which are comparable to the Henrico Sports & Events Center in terms of sports focus, audience capacity and square footage,” said Doug Thornton, executive vice president of stadiums, arenas and theatres for ASM Global.“ Locally, we also operate Bon Secours Training Center, Altria Theater and Dominion Energy Center for the City of Richmond, and recently, we have been announced as the operating partner of the planned full-sized GreenCity Arena in Henrico County. Between our global experience and our stake in this region, we are confident that ASM is fully equipped to successfully manage this new venue and we are excited at the level of potential of this partnership with the Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority.”

ASM Global will provide onsite staff and oversee the Henrico Sports & Events Center’s day-to-day affairs, including managing the box office for ticketed events, contracting with vendors, handling the facility’s upkeep and maintenance, event management and licensing and permits. The company will also oversee food and beverage concessions and catering.

The Henrico Sports & Entertainment Authority will continue to take the lead on scheduling to ensure the center is available for priority county events, like Henrico’s high school graduations, and major tournaments and events that the authority and its partners, including Richmond Region Tourism, may submit bids to host.

Working in a complementary fashion, ASM Global will focus on the center’s near-term schedule and use its vast network of promoters to attract various events, including concerts, family shows and sporting events. The management company will also look to fill off-peak times with local programming, like sports clinics, leagues and camps.

“The Henrico Sports & Events Center is already generating excitement among organizations and promoters, and ASM Global will only enhance the center’s reputation,” added Bickmeier. “With the company also operating the GreenCity Arena, we expect there will be opportunities to leverage these facilities to deliver great events and entertainment for our community.”

The $50 million Henrico Sports & Events Center is being developed through a partnership between Henrico and Rebkee Co., which is redeveloping the former Virginia Center Commons mall property with housing, retail and other uses. The 185,000-square-foot facility will feature an arena with retractable and 3,500-guest capacity, as well as a flexible event space that can be configured for 12 basketball courts or 24 volleyball courts simultaneously. Through 2024, 42 organizations have already scheduled 185 dates, including tournaments, practices, meetings and other events.

About the Henrico Sports & Events Center

The Henrico Sports & Events Center is a 185,000-square-foot venue located just outside Richmond, Virginia. The venue features an adaptable event space of more than 115,000 square feet with room for up to 12 regulation basketball courts or 24 volleyball courts and a 3,500+ seat arena with stadium seating. The center also includes a mezzanine level with viewing areas, multiple entrances and exits, meeting and changing rooms, bar/restaurant and concession areas and a broadcast room, among other amenities. From tournaments to concerts to conventions, this state-of-the-art complex is the ideal venue to take any event to the next level. For more information, please visit Henrico Sports & Events Center.

About ASM Global

ASM Global is the world’s leading producer of entertainment experiences. It is the global leader in venue and event strategy and management—delivering locally tailored solutions and cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum results for venue owners. The company’s elite venue network spans five continents, with a portfolio of more than 350 of the world’s most prestigious arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, and performing arts venues. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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