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Henrico reopens survey to help guide plan for county’s future

Public input will shape draft vision, goals, objectives of next Comprehensive Plan

‘Listening sessions’ with residents are expected later this summer

Henrico residents will have another opportunity to help shape the guiding principles for the county’s next Comprehensive Plan before a new phase of public engagement begins later this summer.

The Department of Planning is working to prepare a draft vision statement as well as goals and objectives for the plan, which will offer a cohesive vision for Henrico in 2045. To ensure those foundational elements reflect the public’s collective values and aspirations, residents and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate in a community visioning survey if they have not already done so. The survey will remain open through Wednesday, July 31. About 670 individuals completed the survey in spring 2022. A report on that initial engagement is online.

“Henrico County will use the updated Comprehensive Plan to chart its course for the next two decades,” Planning Director Joe Emerson said. “We strongly encourage residents to participate in each step of the process. They can do that by completing the community visioning survey and by attending one of the listening sessions that will be scheduled throughout the county later this summer. In those meetings, we will present a draft vision, goals and objectives and ask for feedback. We want our residents to provide their input and stay engaged because the Comprehensive Plan will help create the community where they will live, work and play for many years to come.”

The county’s process to update the Comprehensive Plan launched in 2021 as HenricoNext and included surveys and other public input. Reports on the county’s socio-demographics and existing conditions in recreation and parks as well as transportation are on the project’s resources webpage.

Henrico’s most recent, major update of the Comprehensive Plan is Vision 2026. Adopted in 2009, Vision 2026 includes chapters on recommended land uses; natural resources; recreation, parks, open spaces and cultural resources; transportation; and public facilities and utilities. The 2045 plan is expected to cover the same topics and include a focus on pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Once it is approved by the Board of Supervisors, the plan will serve as the county’s official guide for decisions on development and investments in public facilities and infrastructure.

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