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School Services Statistics


Student Referral To The Juvenile Justice System

During the 2021-2022 school year (September 8, 2021 – June 16, 2022), 176 students were referred by the School Resource Officers (SROs) to the juvenile justice system or been formally charged on warrants/summonses for criminal offenses in Henrico County Public Schools.  A total of 184 referrals were made to the justice system, eight students of which have two separate entries each.


Incidents Involving Students / Offenses
When an incident occurs involving a student within a Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) facility, on HCPS transportation or at a HCPS sponsored event and this incident results in the request for assistance from a School Resource Officer (SRO), or the officer observes the incident, several outcomes are possible.

Initially, the officer will investigate the facts surrounding the incident. Depending on the nature and severity, they will choose the next course of action. If the incident is not a criminal matter, the officer will provide any necessary guidance to HCPS faculty and assist in maintaining a safe environment within the school and this will conclude the interaction of the officer.

If the incident involves a potential criminal offense, the officer will investigate the matter and document the circumstances reported on an Incident Crime Report (ICR). In every case involving a crime committed by a student at HCPS, officers consider the type of crime committed, the appropriate action to take, the circumstances potentially influencing the student’s behavior prior to committing the crime, and whether or not a referral to the justice system will provide the student with the appropriate future direction to ensure compliance and behavioral changes.

Juvenile Violation Report (JVR)
A juvenile violation report (JVR) is a Henrico County Police Division form that captures information on juveniles, offenses, recommendations by the officer for diversion or petition, and responsible parties, parent, and/or guardian information. A JVR is not an arresting document, only a recommendation. The determination of diversion or issuance of a petition is made by the Juvenile Court Services Division.

Custodial Arrest
Certain criminal offenses will result in the student being transported for fingerprinting and photographing and to speak with a juvenile intake officer or magistrate.

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