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Water and Sewer Rates 2020/2021

Bi-Monthly Service Charges Water Sewer
Service Charge for 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch meter $15.65 $31.55
(If your water is not metered there is a flat charge of $82.90 for sewer service)
Volume charge per hundred cubic feet (ccf) of water or sewer used* $3.59 $3.81
If you use 6 CCF or less $2.24 $2.33

*CCF stands for hundreds of cubic feet. One hundred cubic feet is approximately 748 gallons.

How To Compute Your Bill

Water: 20 CCF x 3.59 = 71.80 15.65 service charge = $87.45
Sewer: 20 CCF x 3.81 = 76.20 31.55 service charge = $107.75
Total bill for two-month period $195.20

During warmer months, many residents use water for their yards that does not go into the sewage treatment system. Since water and sewer usage is not metered separately, the sewer volume charge for a single family residence is based on whichever is less: actual water usage or the water usage determined from the first meter reading cycle of the calendar year. If the first reading is estimated, or if your service begins during or after the first billing cycle, sewer billing will not exceed charges for 10 CCF.

Commercial and Industrial Customers

Bi-Monthly Service Charges Water Sewer
5/8″ OR 3/4″ Meter $15.65 $31.55
1″ Meter $36.95 $52.20
1 1/2″ Meter $68.00 $76.50
2″ Meter $104.40 $110.45
3″ Meter $172.15 $186.90
4″ Meter $276.55 $295.50
6″ Meter $534.55 $588.35
8″ or 10″ Meter $1,069.85 $1,007.20
Volume Charges Water Sewer
First 10,000 CCF $3.59 $3.81
Next 70,000 CCF $2.45 $2.72
over 80,000 CCF $1.76 $2.45
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