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‘Culmination of my parents’ dream,’ Taylor Farm Park opens in Sandston

Taylor Farm Park is now open, featuring an array of nature-centered amenities, including mist mounds, an interactive play stream, an “all-wheel” park and more.

With guests overflowing a tent on the park’s event lawn on July 16, county officials celebrated Henrico’s first new park in six years and the first large community park to open in the Varina District in 42 years.

“Taylor Farm Park – all 99 acres of it – is simply extraordinary. It is carefully designed to complement and blend with nature. It really makes me wish – and many of you will feel the same way when we get to the back – that I and we were younger,” Board of Supervisors Chairman and Varina District Supervisor Tyrone Nelson told the crowd. “It's truly a place like no other. It's a place where kids and their imaginations will be able to run wild and where families and friends will be able to create memories that will last a lifetime.”

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NOVA to add 1,000-seat mezzanine to aquatics center at Regency

Henrico announces $2.5 million grant for project that's projected to generate $20 million in annual economic activity

Since opening in 2021, the NOVA Aquatics Center at Regency has helped to develop some of the area’s most elite swimmers. It’s also hosted high school meets and community programs, including those of the Henrico Police Athletic League and the Learn2Swim program of Henrico County Public Schools.

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'Homelessness is solvable,' project backers celebrate opening of 86-unit Cool Lane Commons

The opening of Cool Lane Commons has done more than revive a vacant building and offer stable housing for residents in crisis. It’s also brought the region closer to ending homelessness.

Henrico County officials joined representatives of the nonprofit Virginia Supportive Housing, the City of Richmond and others today to celebrate the opening of the $24 million apartment community at 1900 Cool Lane, off Mechanicsville Turnpike.

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Henrico to create trust to enhance access to affordable homeownership

Trust will be established at $60 million, supported with dedicated revenue stream

Henrico County will establish an affordable housing trust with $60 million in cash and a dedicated revenue stream from new economic development, transforming local efforts to make homeownership possible for more of the area’s workforce.

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Universal broadband in Henrico advances with $725,000 in federal funding

Access to fast, reliable internet in all corners of Henrico County is closer to reality, with a federal appropriation of $725,000.

U.S. Rep. Jennifer McClellan, of the 4th Congressional District, on Monday presented county officials with an oversized check for the amount to support a project that will extend broadband service to the outer edges of the Varina District.

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Henrico property owners to save on flood insurance due to new certification

Henrico County property owners will be able to save on flood insurance costs beginning in October with the county's participation in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community Rating System (CRS). The county is entering the system with a rating of Class 5* — one of the highest in the state and the highest ever obtained by a municipality in its first year under the current program requirements, according to FEMA.

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