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Henrico residents invited to share design ideas for new Fairfield Area Library

Henrico County Public Library is planning community meetings March 28-29 and April 1 to receive input from county residents on the design of a new Fairfield Area Library. Meetings will be held at the Fairfield Area Library, 1001 N. Laburnum Ave., and at the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center, 1440 N. Laburnum Ave.

Architects from BCWH, Inc. will join library staff for the meetings, which will feature discussions and seek ideas on spaces and services for specific age groups as well as designs for the entire facility. Sessions are scheduled for the following times and locations.

  • Tuesday, March 28, Fairfield Area Library: 2 p.m., focus on older patrons; 5 p.m., focus on teenagers; 7 p.m., general meeting.
  • Wednesday, March 29, Fairfield Area Library: 11 a.m., focus on parents and caregivers of young children.
  • Wednesday, March 29, Eastern Henrico Recreation Center: 7 p.m., general meeting.
  • Saturday, April 1, Fairfield Area Library: 10 a.m., general meeting.

Residents also can submit design ideas and photos by email to [email protected]. In addition, they can provide input through a survey at

Henrico voters approved $24 million in funding for a new Fairfield Area Library in November’s bond referendum. Design work is expected to be completed in March 2018, with construction getting underway later that year. Construction is expected wrap up in 2019.

The new facility will replace the existing Fairfield Area Library, which opened in 1976.

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