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EngAGE in Henrico: Resources for Older Citizens

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The Advocate for the Aging’s Office strives to fulfill needs of Henrico County’s aging population by enhancing social engagement, wellness, and independence. The Advocate for the Aging serves Henrico residents 60 and older, their family members, and caregivers by:

  • Providing information and referral services
  • Assisting caregivers
  • Communicating current and changing needs of the aging population to Henrico County government agencies
  • Raising awareness about aging services offered by all county agencies and departments

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Senior Resource Guide



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Information and Referral Services

Emergency Assistance

Community Engagement

Support and Assistance Programs




I want to socialize more and get out of the house. Friendship Cafés are a great opportunity for socialization and are offered at various locations around the Richmond area. For additional information call (804) 672-4497.
I struggle with paying some of my bills and would like to know what I can qualify for. The Benefits Enrollment Center can assist you in navigating applications for Medicaid, Energy Assistance, and SNAP. To set up an appointment you can call (804) 343-3000.
I no longer drive and need transportation to doctor appointments, grocery stores, and other locations. The GRTC Care Van allows you to book rides the day of and can be used to go to any destination in the Richmond area (does not have to be medically related). If you are 80 years or older you automatically qualify. If you are younger than 80, then you will need to have certain disability requirements. To find out if you are eligible contact the eligibility coordinator at (804) 358-3871 ext. 434
I need help with bathing, dressing, or preparing meals. There are many personal care providers in the Henrico area. You can find a list of these in the resource guide or search on
I need someone to stay with my loved one while I go on errands. There are many respite providers in the Henrico area. You can find a list of these in the resource guide or search on
I need assistance with obtaining a POA or Will. You will need to consult with an elder law attorney to obtain a POA or Will. There are several around the Richmond area. If you cannot afford an attorney, you can reach out to the Virginia Poverty Law Center for assistance at (804) 782-9430.
I need home repairs performed on my home. Project: Homes is a local non-profit which assists seniors with Critical and Minor Home Repairs. To see if you qualify for their services, you can call (804) 233-2827.
I need help coordinating multiple services. Senior Connections is the local Area Agency on Aging for the Richmond Area. They offer Care Coordination services for seniors. You can contact them by calling (804) 343-3000.
I have issues with my landlord or lack of maintenance of my building. You can file a complaint with Henrico County Building Inspections by calling 804-501-4759.
I need help with meals. FeedMore is a non-profit which provides home-delivered meals for seniors. You can apply online or call (804) 521-2500.
I am worried about the safety of my family member, friend, or neighbor. Henrico Adult Protective Services investigates potential cases of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. To file a report with APS you can call (804)-501-7346.
I need assistance with mowing my lawn. Unfortunately, the county does not assist with lawn care services. You can find a list of companies in the resource guide or search for services on
I want to know what housing options are available for me. Senior Advisors can assist you with navigating finding the right assisted living for you! Get connected with a senior advisor by calling Senior Care Authority at (804) 593-4487 or Oasis Senior Advisors at (804) 635-2655.

Contact Us

Advocate for the Aging
(804) 501-5065
(804) 501-4642 (fax)
[email protected]


Main Receptionist
(804) 501-4900

[email protected]

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

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