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Services Available Online

All Services available online are listed below.

Alarm Security System Registration – Commercial - Henrico County's Alarm Ordinance requires registration of security alarm systems for businesses and residences.

Alarm Security System Registration – Residential - Henrico County's Alarm Ordinance requires registration of security alarm systems for businesses and residences.

Application for Blasting Permit - Application for blasting and requirements.

Application for Fireworks Permit - Application for Fireworks permit in Henrico County

Application for Fumigation Permit - Application for fumigation and requirements.

Application For Open Burning Permit - Application for open burn permits and guidelines.

Apply for a Job - Apply for employment at the County of Henrico.

Apply for a Park Event Permit - A permit is required to hold outdoor events on Henrico County park property. Events may be held during regular park hours; parks are open daily from dawn to dusk year-round.

Ask a Librarian - The askHCPL information service allows you to ask brief, factual questions of HCPL staff and receive your response through text or email, or live chat when available.

Because We Care Evaluation Form - Fill this form out and submit after completing your organization's cleanup.

Because We Care Supply Request Form - If you are doing a project for Keep Henrico Beautiful and need supplies, please fill out the form and submit to us.

Become A Deputy - Basics of a Sheriff's Deputy job duties and applicant requirements

Become a Henrico Master Gardener Volunteer - Henrico Master Gardeners are trained volunteer educators. They work within their local communities to encourage and promote environmentally sound horticulture practices through sustainable landscape management education and training.

Become a Student Election Page - Become a Student Election Page

Become a Volunteer - The Henrico County Volunteer Program offers opportunities for individuals to volunteer time and services to County departments and outside community partners through volunteering.

Become an Intern - Henrico County's Internship Program offers students learning and professional experience in a variety of areas.

Bill Pay Service Provider - Payment option using a bill pay service provider.

Blue Public Hearing Sign?? - Did you happen to see a big blue sign with the County Seal and the words “Public Hearing”? The sign indicates that a property owner has applied for rezoning, a use permit, or a variance.

Board of Supervisors Meeting Participation Registration - Register to participate in Board of Supervisor meetings during the public comment period and public hearing items.

Building Inspections Records (FOIA) - Request Building Inspections information, such as inspection reports, copies of plans and permit data.

Building Permit – Commercial - Applications and forms needed for a commercial building permit, plan review comments and permit resubmittals (new buildings, alterations/additions, moving, demolition, tenant upfits, tents and trailers).

Building Permit – Residential - Applications and forms needed for a residential building permit, plan review comments and permit resubmittals (new houses, renovations/additions, moving, demolition, decks, porches, sheds, garages & swimming pools).

Business License - Application for Business License

Business Tax Filing and Payment Portal - Manage Business Taxes (renewing, filing and payment options). Business taxes cover many areas including Business License, Meals Tax, Business Personal Property, and Misc. Taxes.

Business Watch Program - A working partnership between local businesses and Henrico Police, the goal of Business Watch is to reduce crime in and around the workplace as well as in the community.

Change of Use & C/O Reissue - Application for a change of use or certificate of occupancy (C/O) reissuance.

Child Safety Seat Check-up - By appointment only, learn from the experts about correct child safety seat installation and more.

Citizen Complaint Form (Fire) - The Henrico County Division of Fire is proud to provide internationally accredited Fire and EMS services to the citizens of Henrico County and its visitors. The Division of Fire strives to treat all people with respect, empathy, and politeness.

Citizen Compliment Form (Fire) - The Division of Fire annually recognizes employees who have gone “above and beyond” at our Awards Ceremony and your submitted compliments help us with that recognition process.

Citizens Fire Academy - The Henrico Citizens’ Fire Academy is open to any interested participant 18 years of age and older.

Civil Celebrants - A civil celebrant is a person authorized by the Circuit Court to perform and officiate a legal marriage ceremony.

Clean Business Award Nomination Form

Communication Survey - Survey on how public wants to receive communication from the county.

Community Cleanup Program - Find if there is a Community Cleanup scheduled near you.

Community Development Associates Program - Learn more and apply to be a Community Development Associate.

Compliment a Henrico Police Officer/Employee - Formally compliment a Henrico Police Officer or Employee

Copy Requests of Public Records - You may obtain copies from the Henrico Circuit Court Clerk’s Office of any public record such as deeds, plats, wills, judgments, court orders and marriage licenses.

Curbside Recycling - Curbside recycling program offered to Henrico residents by Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA)

Demolition Permit - Application for a Demolition Permit.

Electrical Permit - Application for an electrical permit (commercial and residential) including residential solar panel permit and inspection requirements.

Elevator Permit - Application for an elevator permit (commercial and residential).

EngAGE in Henrico: Resources for Older Citizens - Connecting seniors to services offered within the local County departments and in the region.

EngAge Newsletter Sign-Up - Sign up for Henrico County's EngAge Newsletter.

Event Presentation Request Form - If you are having an event and would like Keep Henrico Beautiful's Executive Director to attend, please fill out the request form and submit to us.

Exotic Animals - In addition to the county Zoning Ordinance, Henrico follows state law regulations regarding exotic animals. These laws apply in Henrico and are subject to change.

Felony and Appealed Misdemeanor Case : Payment Information - If convicted of a Felony or Misdemeanor offense in the Henrico Circuit Court, costs will be assessed against the defendant as well as any court imposed fine. All costs are assessed pursuant to the Code of Virginia. Fines and/or costs are expected to be paid at the time of conviction unless a payment plan is established. The Criminal Division does accept personal checks, money order, Visa, MasterCard and cash.

File a Building Violation Complaint - Report buildings or structures in disrepair, overcrowding, work taking place without required permits or graffiti that is visible from the public right of way.

File a Claim - The division of Risk Management handles all claims for personal injury and property damage asserted against the County.

File a Zoning or Environmental Complaint - File a zoning ordinance violation complaint.

File Complaint Against Police Officer/Employee - File a formal complaint against the Henrico County Police Division, an officer or employee.

Find an Audit Report - Reports issued by the Internal Audit department to County leadership which are reviewed with the Audit Committee.

Find Your HCPS School - Use an address to find the current Henrico County Public School assignments.

Fire / EMS Reports - Obtain copies of Fire and EMS reports.

Fire Apparatus Visit/Demo - Citizens may request that an engine come out for an event such as a community day or block party.

Fire Education Programs/Firefighter Speaker Request - Request to have a firefighter speak at your group meeting and request information on fire programs such as the Junior Firefighter Program, Life Safety Program, and more.

Fire Explorers Post 651 - The purpose of these programs is to provide experiences to help young people mature into responsible and caring adults. These programs emphasize: career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education, and leadership experience

Fire Extinguisher Training - The Henrico County Division of Fire will provide Fire Extinguisher Training to County Employees and Community Groups. The program includes a lecture on the types of fires most likely encountered, extinguishment theory, and the proper way to use an extinguisher safely. There will likely be a demonstration with a real extinguisher, but we will not discharge it inside a building due to the mess of discharging. This is a familiarization program, not a certification class. Ideal class size: 12 - 15 students. A Community Services Firefighter will make this 40 – 60 minute presentation.

Fire Protection System Permit - Application for a fire protection system permit. This permit includes fire sprinkler systems and alternative fire suppression systems, fire pumps, commercial fire alarm or detection systems, kitchen hood systems, underground fire lines and other fire protection equipment or devices for commercial and residential uses.

Fire Station Visit / Tour - Information about visiting a fire station and taking a tour of the fire station.

Food Vendor Application for Henrico County Properties - This is an application to acquire the permission to sell food on Henrico County properties.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Environmental Site Assessment - Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) records requests pertaining to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments can be submitted through numerous avenues.

Funeral Escort Request – Form - Request form - Police escort for a funeral procession.

Hauling Permit - Hauling Permit process.

Henrico Alert - Henrico Alert is one of the many tools that Henrico County Public Safety officials can use to notify you of critical information like evacuation notices to missing child alerts

Henrico CERT Member Volunteer Hours - CERT event volunteer hours recorded.

Henrico CERT Training - The purpose of the Henrico County Community Emergency Response Team (HCCERT) is to provide training to citizens so that they can offer assistance immediately following a disaster when local public safety resources may be overwhelmed. HCCERT members learn basic first aid, search and rescue, and fire suppression techniques. More importantly, HCCERT members learn how to PREPARE for a disaster long before one occurs. By being prepared and knowing how to respond, HCCERT members will be able to assist family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers following a disaster until help arrives.

Henrico County Television (HCTV) - Watch HCTV programs online or on Comcast Ch 17 or Verizon Ch 2139.

Henrico Investment Program (HIP) - Business located within the Henrico Investment Program area are eligible for financial and other assistance from the County of Henrico for business expansion and improvements to business property.

Hire an Off-duty Police Officer - Request to hire an off-duty officer for your event, program, religious facility, business, traffic direction, etc.

Homeowner Association Lookup - Does your neighborhood have a Homeowners Association (HOA)? Use the Lookup feature to examine the boundaries of an HOA and identify common areas. If you have any questions or comments about the Lookup call 501-4757.

Land Lover Award Nomination Form

Lead Service Line Replacement Program - Henrico County is committed to providing safe drinking water to all residents. We do this by reducing the risk of lead and other metals getting into water service lines or household plumbing.

Legacy Review Comment and Plan Requests

Library Card Applicaton - Library cards are good at all of the Henrico Library branches including the Mobile Library Services.

Library Catalog - Search the Library Catalog

Local Government 101: Henrico’s Youth Educational Program - The program includes an interactive presentation, meet and greet with county officials, and educational activities. Students and scouts will be given participation forms and additional material to help them accomplish their assignments or badge requirements.

Locate an Inmate - How to locate an inmate, check status, and bond information.

Lodging Facility/Pool Complaint Form - Complaints about a lodging facility or pool in Henrico County, Virginia can be submitted to the Henrico County Health Department by calling (804) 501-4529 or by completing the form below and submitting it. Please be as specific as possible when describing the complaint. Your name, address and phone number are required for investigation.

Marcus Alert Database - The Marcus alert is a voluntary database to be made available to the 9-1-1 alert system and the Marcus alert system to provide relevant mental health information and emergency contact information for appropriate response to an emergency or crisis.

Marriage Licenses - Information on how to obtain a marriage license in Virginia.

Mechanical Permit - Application for a mechanical permit (includes commercial and residential for mechanical and elevator).

Medicaid - A jointly funded, Federal-State health insurance program for low-income and needy people. It covers children, the aged, blind, and/or disabled and other people who are eligible to receive federally assisted income maintenance payments.

Mosquito Inspection Form - Complimentary mosquito inspections are offered to help find the source of mosquito problems on residential and commercial properties.

Online Payments - Henrico County accepts electronic payments for personal property taxes, real estate taxes, utility bills, parking tickets, false alarm fees, planning fees, building inspection fees and elevator certificate fees.

Online Tax Assistance Request

Online Tax Bills - You can also safely and securely view your bill online, consolidate your tax bills into one online account, set up notifications and reminders to be sent to your email or mobile phone, schedule payments, create an online wallet, and pay with one click using credit/debit or your checking account.

Organize a Litter Clean-Up - Help us with our Keep Henrico Beautiful program.

Pay Utility Bill - The Henrico Department of Public Utilities bills customers for water and sewer services bi-monthly.

Plans of Development and Site Plan - A Plan of Development (POD) and Site Plan are detailed engineering plans for multi-family, commercial, and industrial projects that contains all of the essential details necessary to construct site improvements. The POD and Site Plan process is designed to coordinate the numerous reviews and recommendations of all applicable Henrico County, State and Federal agencies. This integrated process is managed by the Planning Department and coordinated with County and certain external agencies.

Plant Native! Festival Vendor Application - Vendor application Plant Native! Festival

Plumbing Permit - Application for a plumbing permit (commercial and residential).

Polling Location Information - Find Polling Location, Voting Precinct Information, Elected Officials, Driving Direction to Polling Location, Election Sample Ballot

Pre-Application Meeting for Plans of Development, Site Plans, and Subdivisions

Pre-Application Meeting for Rezoning and Provisional Use Permits - A pre-application meeting is a required step in the Rezoning, Conditional Rezoning, Provisional Use, and Planned Development processes

Probate & Estate Administration - The Code of Virginia grants the Clerk of the Circuit Court the authority to Probate a Will, to appoint and qualify an Executor or Administrator for a Decedent’s Estate, to appoint and qualify a Testamentary Trustee, to qualify a Conservator and/or a Guardian for an Incapacitated Adult.

Probate Record Request

Project Lifesaver Information Change Request - This service is to update Caregiver or Client contact information changes.

Project Lifesaver Service Request - How to get more information and/or apply for Project Lifesaver services.

Protective Orders - There are three types of stalking/serious bodily injury protective orders: Emergency, Preliminary, and Permanent Protective Orders. An Emergency Protective Order (up to 72 hours) can be issued by a magistrate or a police officer. (If a warrant is issued for assault and battery against a family or household member and the magistrate finds there is probable danger of further acts of family abuse by the defendant, the magistrate is directed to issue an emergency protective order.)

Provide a Website Suggestion - Our web team welcomes suggestions on improving the usability of the website.

Public Library Room Request - The Henrico County libraries have reservable spaces to meet, collaborate or to study and create on your own.

Refuse Collections - Refuse collections is only offered to selected service areas of the County.

Register for a Recreation Program - The Division of Recreation & Parks offers a variety of classes and programs for all ages.

Report a Spill, Dumping or Other Illicit Discharge - This is a non-emergency spill reporting form. To report a spill, please fill out this form with as much information and details as you can.

Report Government Fraud, Waste or Abuse - Information related to suspected fraud, waste, or abuse in the County of Henrico General Government operations.

Report Sign, Sign Posts or Pavement Marking Needing Maintenance - Report sign, sign posts or pavement marking needing maintenance.

Reporting Tax Violation - If you suspect that one of the following tax violations has occurred, use this system to report this information to our staff.

Request for Guardian/Conservator Appointment for an Incapacitated Adult

Request General Publications - Request publications you would like to receive by mail.

Request GIS Data - Henrico County has a robust enterprise-wide GIS. Henrico shares this information and has made efforts to provide a variety of data formats.

Request installation of new sign or pavement markings - Request installation of new sign or pavement markings.

Requests for Bond Increase or Decrease

Reserve a Picnic Shelter - Reservation requests are available for park shelters.

Restaurant Complaint Form - Complaints about a restaurant in Henrico County, Virginia can be submitted to the Henrico County Health Department by calling (804) 501-4529 or by completing the form below and submitting it. Please be as specific as possible when describing the complaint. The Health Department does not accept anonymous Food Service complaints other than sewage backup or a facility without water. Your name, address and phone number are required for investigation.

Scholarships - College scholarships offered to students planning to study one of the environmental sciences.

Search Arrest Charge Reports - Search the arrest reports.

Search Calls for Service Reports - Search for all Calls for Dispatch.

Search Incident Crime Reports - Find out where crimes have been reported in Henrico County.

Short-Term Rental - Forms and general information regarding the legal operation of a short-term rental within the County of Henrico.

Sign Permit - Application for a sign permit.

Smoke Alarm Assistance - Citizens may request assistance to have a working smoke alarm.

Soil Test Program - In order to promote the practice of soil testing, Henricopolis has established a soil test incentive program to offset the cost of soil analysis for Henrico County residents.

Student Government Day - Students from each of our high schools fill the roles of general government and school administrative officials on one special day each year.

Subdivisions - A Subdivision plan is a detailed engineering plan for residential projects that contains all of the essential details necessary to construct site improvements. The Subdivision process is designed to coordinate the numerous reviews and recommendations of all applicable Henrico County, State and Federal agencies. For certain residential development, such as townhouse or R-5A, the review process is integrated with the Plan of Development (POD) process. This integrated process is managed by the Planning Department and coordinated with County and certain external agencies.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) - Application for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (C/O).

Temporary Use Permit - Administrative review of a one-time special event or a use such as tents, fencing, trailers, stages, that will be removed at the conclusion of the event.

Traffic Complaints - If you have complaints about motorists that speed through your neighborhood or other traffic safety issues, there are steps you can take to correct these situations.

Traffic Violation Payments

Trespassing Enforcement Authorization - This form is used to authorize the Henrico County Police Division to serve as persons lawfully in charge of your property located in the County of Henrico for purposes of enforcing the trespassing laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Henrico, Virginia and forbidding others from trespassing on your property.

U-Visa and T-Visa Certification Applications - The U-Visa and T-Visa certification applications may be certified by law enforcement for nonimmigrant status individuals who are victims of certain crimes and who are currently assisting or have previously assisted law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of a crime, or who are likely to be helpful in the investigation or prosecution.

View Circuit Court Online Records

Virginia Judicial System Court Self Help / Recursos en Espanol - This site provides neutral legal information only as a public service by the Virginia Access to Justice Commission for self-represented litigants. Judges and clerks of court may have a local practice that is not reflected on this website. Always check with your local court about its procedures. This site does not take the place of an attorney, and cannot advise you on strategy or tell you what to say in court. Please note that only an attorney representing you can provide legal advice. Visit the Find a Lawyer page for more information.

Volunteers in Policing (VIPs) - Volunteer opportunities are available with the Police Division from administrative to motorist assistance.

Voter Registration - Register to vote in Henrico County

Water, Sewer & Refuse Collection Application - Water, Sewer, and Refuse Collection services are available in different areas of the County. Refuse Collection is an optional service where available.

Zoning Appeals Applications (Variances/Conditional Use Permits/Appeals) - The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is appointed by the Circuit Court to provide relief from the zoning regulations in certain circumstances. The following applications may be granted based upon specific criteria found in the Code of Virginia (e.g. for variances, whether the zoning ordinance would unreasonably restrict the use of the property; for conditional use permits, whether the request is consistent with the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance and will not a have a detrimental impact on nearby property). Extraction operations must also comply with county regulations, as well as with regulations administered by the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy. The BZA also hears appeals when a property owner believes they have been aggrieved by a decision of the Planning Director or other County official in the administration of the zoning ordinance.

Zoning Confirmation Letter - A zoning confirmation letter is a written statement of the zoning regulations, permitted uses, and development approvals related to a parcel of land. They are frequently requested by lenders or others involved in a commercial real estate transaction who need written assurance that the property complies with all local land use regulations.

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