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Community Cleanup Program

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Henrico resumes modified Community Cleanups in the Fall & Spring

Community Cleanups will resume in Spring of 2024. 

Residents of select neighborhoods will be notified by mail two weeks prior to their scheduled cleanup.

Community Cleanup FAQs


After a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, Henrico County’s Community Cleanup program has resumed with changes aimed at controlling costs and preventing improper dumping and other abuses.  

Residents of the eligible areas will be notified through brochures mailed directly to their homes two weeks in advance of the event.  

The community cleanup program has played an important role in maintaining healthy and vibrant neighborhoods for nearly 30 years. Modifications to this program were made to ensure that it operates sustainably. Residents are asked to be aware of the items that can and cannot be accepted to ensure a successful cleanup day.

The Community Cleanup program offers qualifying older neighborhoods a day of free curbside pickup of bulky waste, including mattresses, appliances, electronics, and small amounts of yard debris. As its popularity has grown, the program has been hampered by escalating costs and other challenges, such as dumping by contractors or individuals living outside an area scheduled for cleanup and residents leaving out items that do not meet the criteria for pickup. For these reasons, Henrico County does not publicize specific clean-up dates and location in advance.  

Community Revitalization, which manages the program along with the Department of Public Utilities, has implemented the following program modifications:

    • Notifications: A brochure will be mailed directly to residents in eligible neighborhoods approximately two weeks in advance to inform them of their area’s cleanup date. Signs will no longer be posted in the neighborhoods scheduled for cleanup.
    • Budget: Cleanups will be scheduled in the fall and spring and continue as funding is available during the fiscal year. Funding should enable 14 to 16 cleanups per year. With 62 qualifying areas across the county, each area is expected to receive one cleanup every three to four years.  
    • Neighborhood Eligibility: Neighborhoods are selected based on criteria that consider the age of homes and residents, participation in the county’s Real Estate Advantage Program (REAP), higher than average code violations for the area, and other factors. 
    • Acceptable/Unacceptable Items: All items for disposal may NOT be placed at the curb more than three days before the cleanup date. All items must be at the curb NO later than 7 am on cleanup day.





Tree limbs – 4’ long, 4” diameter Max.

Tree limbs – exceeding size limits, stumps, root balls, logs

Large Appliances – ovens, dishwashers, washers & dryers

Yard Debris – leaves, pine tags, small twigs, etc.

Electronics – monitors & TV’s

Household Garbage

Furniture & Mattresses

Hazardous or Liquid Waste – propane, oil, gasoline, paint, pesticides

BBQ Grills – NO propane tanks

Vehicle Batteries, Parts, Tires

Pile Size – 4’ tall, 4’ wide, 8’ long Max.

Construction & Demolition Debris – including glass, mirrors, windows

Curb Side – NO MORE than three days before event

Refrigerators, HVAC Equipment, Lawnmowers


In partnership with an independent contractor, Henrico County also offers a bulky waste pickup service that is available to residents countywide upon request. The fee for this service is $67. REAP participants are eligible to have one free pick-up per year. To place an order or for further details, go online or call (804) 294-4443.


Aubrey Cox         804-501-7628 or [email protected]

DCR Main       804-501-4757 or [email protected]

Henrico County Department of Community Revitalization

Contact Us

Community Revitalization

Physical Address
4905 Dickens Road, Suite 200
Henrico, VA 23230

(804) 501-4757

(804) 501–7630

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM


[email protected]


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