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Henrico park named in honor of late Supervisor Richard W. Glover

Sports complex on Greenwood Road opened in February

A Henrico County sports complex that opened in February on Greenwood Road is being named Glover Park in honor of the late Richard W. Glover, longtime supervisor from the Brookland District.

“Dick Glover had an unbridled enthusiasm for youth recreation that was matched only by his devotion to serving residents of the Brookland District,” County Manager John A. Vithoulkas said. “Glover Park brings together these passions and is the perfect place to honor Mr. Glover’s outstanding legacy and his many contributions to the betterment of his community.”

Mr. Glover died Feb. 2, 2017, after having begun his 30th year of service as Brookland’s supervisor. He was the Board of Supervisors’ longest-serving active member and had been selected unanimously by his colleagues to preside as chairman during 2017.

Encompassing initially 33 acres of a nearly 200-acre property in northwestern Henrico, Glover Park provides another tournament-quality sports complex for residents as well as families visiting for tournaments and other events. The complex had been known as Greenwood Park through its planning, construction and opening.

Glover Park’s $11 million first phase of development includes four lighted, synthetic-turf fields that can accommodate a variety of events, including soccer, football and lacrosse. Henrico voters approved $20 million in funding for a second phase through the county’s 2016 bond referendum. The next set of improvements is expected to include a playground and a loop trail for pedestrians and joggers.

Glover Park debuted Feb. 24-25 as one of the field sites for the Ultimate Cup boys and girls soccer tournament. The park also hosted matches for the Richmond Strikers Jefferson Cup soccer tournament. A variety of events are scheduled through late summer. In addition to its fields, the park’s amenities include eight sand volleyball courts that were developed in partnership with the Richmond Volleyball Club, restroom facilities, a plaza and parking for nearly 400 vehicles.

“In just a few months, Glover Park has established itself as a premier site for tournaments and another pillar in Henrico’s sports tourism program,” said Neil Luther, director of the Division of Recreation and Parks. “Mr. Glover would be proud to see how his vision for the property has been brought to life. We look forward to working with the community to make Glover Park a special place where youth and families can enjoy athletic competition and recreation for many years to come.”

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