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Social Media Policy

The purpose of Henrico County’s social media pages, sites and accounts, including those on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, is to present matters of public interest to Henrico residents, businesses, and visitors of all ages and backgrounds in a moderated, online discussion board format. We encourage you to submit your questions, comments, and concerns about these matters by email, telephone, or by submitting comments to particular posts. However, please note these sites are not public forums, but moderated discussion boards reviewed periodically during normal business hours. To further the purpose of these sites, the county will remove comments to posts that are: (1) clearly off topic from the particular post; (2) spam; or (3) advocacy for illegal activity.

Comments posted in the discussion do not reflect the official opinions or positions of Henrico’s general government or its officers and employees unless they specifically state that they do. If you have any questions concerning these moderated discussions, please contact Henrico County Public Relations & Media Services at (804) 501-4257.

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