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Regional Jail East


17320 New Kent Highway
Barhamsville, VA 23011




A “New Generation” Jail
Henrico County Regional Jail East is located on 76 acres in New Kent County and was dedicated on September 17, 1996. It was built as part of a regional agreement between Goochland, Henrico and New Kent counties and is maintained and secured by the Henrico County Sheriff and the Henrico County Sheriff’s Office. Jail East is a state of the art “new generation” jail that uses the direct supervision approach and holds the distinction of being the first campus-style jail in the Commonwealth.

Direct Supervision

Direct supervision offers a barrier free environment between deputies and inmates to encourage communication and more effective supervision. This style helps promote a proactive approach to solving problems. Deputies assigned to Jail Security and Jail Services maintain the safety and order of the facility. Jail Security staff work in the inmate housing areas, move inmates throughout the facility and see to their safety and well being. They provide security to the community by preventing jail disturbances or escapes. Jail Services staff provide programs and services to the inmate population which include laundry, recreation, visitation, property control, mail delivery and religious services.

One of Virginia’s most progressive facilities

Jail East is a progressive facility that features training and rehabilitation by offering a wide range of mental health and substance abuse services as well as educational and vocational training. Classes, programs and services are provided to assist the inmates to achieve their educational and vocational goals upon their release. These programs are offered through the cooperative effort of staff, community volunteers and outside agencies. The following are examples of the programs offered.

GED Preparation and Testing

  • Automotive Repair – completion offers Master Mechanic certification
  • Cosmetology -1500 hour preparation program for the state boards.
  • Computer Technology
  • Substance abuse and relapse prevention
  • Group and individual counseling
  • Project Hope

Find out more about Project Lifesaver!


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