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Vacuum Leaf Collection

available in person   In Person

Leaf Vacuum service has now ended and will resume in November 2024.


This service costs $30.00 per order.  You will see this charge on an upcoming water & sewer utility bill. Vacuum service orders will receive a confirmation number. Please retain this confirmation number until your leaves have been removed.

Request Vacuum Leaf Service

All leaves must be on the County right of way in front of your home prior to calling (804) 727-8779 to request this service. 

For any questions regarding the leaf vacuum pickup, please call (804) 727– 8779.

Leaf vacuum requests are not being accepted at this time.


While we ask that your bags or loose leaves are accessible at the front of your property, please do not block traffic lanes, parking, or drainage ditches. County ordinances restrict the placement of leaves in these locations. Placement in these locations obstructs stormwater drainage, which degrades water quality and facilitates flooding. Leaves in our streams and waterways contribute to stormwater pollution, as they often contain dirt, debris, and pet waste. Placement of leaves in these locations limits parking, creates a traffic hazard, and detracts from the attractiveness of your neighborhood. Please help keep your neighborhood neat and attractive by properly placing your leaves and promptly calling for leaf vacuum service.

If you have received a Neighborhood Postcard Violation this means that your neighborhood has a high volume of leaf piles placed in the right of way without a vacuum order in place. If you do not have any leaves in front of your property, or if you have already placed an order for our vacuum service, please disregard this notice. If you have leaves in front of your property and you have not placed an order, please note that you have 10 days from the postmarked date to either place an order or remove the leaves from the right of way.

If you have received a Violation Letter, this means that your neighborhood has been assessed and that your property was determined to have leaves in the right of way without having a vacuum service order in place. The leaves must be removed from the right of way or an order for vacuum service must be placed by the end of the day of the date marked in your letter.

Alternative Disposal Methods

If you do not wish to use the bagged leaf service or the leaf vacuum service, you may want to consider using a Henrico County Public Use Area for disposal. There are two Public Use Areas available to Henrico County residents: one is located at 2075 Charles City Road, and the other is located at 10600 Fords Country Lane. Non-bagged leaves and other vegetative yard waste are accepted year-round at the Public Use areas at no charge. However, outside of bagged leaf collection season (Nov. 7, 2022 – Mar. 31, 2023), residents are charged $3 per trip for disposal of bagged leaves.

If you would like to recycle your leaves and nourish your lawn and garden, consider mulching and composting as an alternative. The Virginia Cooperative Extension Service recommends using shredded leaves as mulch. Placing your leaves through a shredder or a mulching mower provides excellent all-purpose mulch that can be used around plants immediately. A two to three inch layer of leaves provides good weed control. Shredded leaves will decompose fairly quickly. Whole leaves can also be used. Another easy alternative is to compost your leaves. Leaf compost is an excellent soil amendment, adding humus and returning valuable nutrients to the soil. For more information on mulching or composting leaves, please call the Henrico County Extension Service at (804) 501-5160 or visit them online.

Contact Us

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(804) 727-8779

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(804) 501-4275
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