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Central Auto Maintenance

Central Auto Maintenance works on Henrico County Dump TruckCentral Automotive Maintenance (CAM) is the division of General Service that is responsible for the maintenance of all County motorized equipment. CAM also operates eight self serve-refueling facilities throughout the County.

Maintenance activities are conducted at two maintenance facilities, one in the western portion of the County at 10301 Woodman Road, Henrico, VA 23060, and the other in the eastern portion of the County at 440 Dabbs House Road, Henrico, VA 23223. The Motor Pool leases passenger vehicle, pick up trucks, and vans to departments on a monthly or daily basis. Other vehicles are department owned.

Larry Maready
Automotive Fleet Manager
(804) 727-8630



To provide vehicles needed to conduct County business. To provide fuel for County vehicles. To maintain County equipment as economically and efficiently as possible.


CAM operates as an internal service fund with funding provided primarily through interdepartmental billings.

CAM maintains a fund balance sufficient to replace depreciated assets such as leased vehicles, fueling facilities and other equipment used to support operations.

Revenues are generated from four rates or charges. The labor rate, a repair parts mark up charge, a fuel mark up charge per gallon of fuel, and a daily or monthly rental rate for leased vehicles.

Central Auto Maintenance works on Henrico County Fire TruckCentral Auto Maintenance works on Henrico County School Bus

Contact Us

General Services

(804) 501-5981
Security Services
(804) 501-4555

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

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