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Month: September 2017

Hot Water?

Posted on
The County Manager thanked the Department of General Services and Public Utilities for their recent assistance in excavating areas of Jail East to perform repairs on the hot water lines.  […]

Operation Paintbrush…

Posted on
Mark Strickler, Director of Community Revitalization, thanked all the Department Heads & Key Officials who attended the Operation Paintbrush community service project.  The project was a success, and the resident […]

Division of Fire’s Smoke Alarm Initiative…It Works!

Posted on
Henry Rosenbaum, Battalion Chief and Fire Marshal for the Division of Fire, noted Henrico firefighters were dispatched on Saturday afternoon to Osborne Turnpike to rescue a woman trapped inside her […]

Letter of Appreciation…

Posted on
A Manager from the Junior Achievement of Central Virginia sent a letter of appreciation to staff members of the Libbie Mill Library and the General Services Department.  A training session […]

Shining Example!

Posted on
Kara Rothman and Mike Shoop from the Tuckahoe Area Library assisted a gentleman from Alabama find information on his ancestor who was in the Civil War in Henrico.  The Alabama […]

Lights Out…

Posted on
CBS 6 News captured a story this weekend regarding Henrico County Police Officer William Jenkins.  Officer Jenkins pulled over a car for a missing brake light.  The woman immediately wanted […]

Going The Extra Mile…

Posted on
Mark Ballos with the Department of Community Revitalization was recognized by a resident for saving his life.  Mark visited the resident’s house on a service call.  The resident’s car was […]

You Make The Call!

Posted on
A Varina resident called to thank the Public Utilities Department for assisting with her trash.  The resident had a large bag that she could not lift into her trash bin, […]

Home Run…

Posted on
The President of the Glen Allen Youth Athletic Association gave special appreciation to the Division of Recreation and Parks.  He stated Katie Wood and Michael McCormack were supportive, responsive, and […]

Back To School

Posted on
Paul Carper, Capital Projects Manager for Henrico County Public Schools, shared his appreciation for the cooperation he and his staff received from Building Inspections, the Purchasing Division of the Finance […]
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