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Lt. Brent Bosher, Division of Fire

Assistant Chief Chris Buehren of the Division of Fire recently emailed a story about Lt. Brent Bosher. On March 11 at approximately 9:30 p.m., Fire responded to a snow-related single-vehicle accident on Interstate 295 near the exit to Richmond International Airport. The accident stranded a family of six from Florida with no place to turn.

Bosher spoke with the family and Virginia State Police, and then made a phone call to his mother-in-law, who lives nearby in Hanover County. She agreed to host the family until they could arrange transportation. Bosher and crew loaded the family into a medic unit and drove them to the house. After learning more about the family, including the father’s military service, Bosher’s mother-in-law offered to let them stay overnight.

The following morning, Bosher returned, took the father to get a rental car and followed him back to the house. The father gave Bosher a military challenge coin and the family’s thanks before resuming their travels.

The Division of Fire encourages each staff member to be ready to go above and beyond the responsibilities of their job, not only for Henrico residents but also for those passing through the county.

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