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Police Division and Division of Fire

The frantic call came in to 911 after midnight on Thursday, Oct. 21. A woman said she was trapped in her burning apartment. The emergency communications dispatcher calmly told the caller to move away from the flames and into a bathroom. She stayed on the phone with the woman who was having trouble breathing and eventually became unresponsive.

Within minutes, Henrico firefighters arrived at the burning building near West Broad Street and Tuckernuck Road. With heavy flames coming from the front and roof of the apartment, crews strategically attacked the exterior fire and then transitioned to an interior fire attack. Firefighters searched for the caller and located her in the bathroom. They got her out of the building to safety just 14 minutes after the 911 call had been placed.

A doctor who treated the woman at VCU Medical Center says the fire crew’s quick action gave the patient a reasonable chance at recovery.

“It’s our opinion that she was most likely literally seconds away from a very different outcome,” explained Dr. Jeffery Fergusson. “Amazing job by all personnel involved in her rescue and care.”

For their outstanding actions above and beyond the call of duty, the Henrico County Police communications dispatcher and 19 members of the Henrico Division of Fire received the Henrico County Manager’s Medal of Honor at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Nov. 9.

“Team, your dedication to this community and your selfless service

preserved not just one, but many, lives. I can think of no greater action,” said Henrico County Manager John Vithoulkas. “We thank you for all you do for Henrico County and for the hope you give.

Listed below are the individuals recognized for their outstanding actions:

Firefighter Amine Abidi

Firefighter Atom Amodeo

Firefighter Brandon Coates

Firefighter Donald Coles

Fire Captain Daniel Cramer

Battalion Chief Vernon Crumpler

Firefighter Charles Elkins

Firefighter Luke Gill

Fire Captain Bryce Grissom

Firefighter Sean Jones

Firefighter Joseph Middleton

Lieutenant David Mylum

Firefighter Marshall Nelson

Firefighter Matthew O’Donnell

Firefighter Daniel Reed

Firefighter Kevin Sinh

Fire Captain Kenny Ray Stone

Lieutenant Ryan Warinner

Firefighter Joshua Windom

Communications Supervisor Teri Wootton


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