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HCTV Programs

Henrico County Television (HCTV) programming is available through Comcast’s Video On Demand service. To access HCTV programs, select the “Get Local” folder, followed by “Government,” and finally “Access Henrico.” Video On Demand allows our Comcast cable subscribers to choose which HCTV program they want to watch and when they want to watch it. Approximately 25 programs are available at one time. We change the program line-up monthly.

You may also request a DVD of an HCTV program by calling Public Relations at 501-4257.

Active and Engaged: Programs for Henrico's Older Adults
The number of older residents is rising sharply across the United States, as baby boomers have grayed and begun to reach retirement age. By 2030 Henrico County will have nearly 70,000 residents 65 or older. The senior lifestyle is vastly different from what it used to be. These older residents are active and engaged, and Henrico offers a wide range of programs for them.
Community & Social IssuesRecreation
201811 minutes
Active Shooter: What Would You Do?
Decades ago, none of us had ever heard the term "active shooter." Unfortunately, it's all too commonplace in our world today, and it can happen anywhere at any time. If you were involved in an active shooter incident, what would you do to survive? Run? Hide? Fight? Join HCTV as we learn from public safety agents and officials what we can do if we ever find ourselves in this horrific position.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201621 minutes
Adoption Celebrations: A Moment in Time
The birth of a child is the best day in a parent's life. The Henrico County Circuit Court gives adoptive parents the opportunity to feel the same happiness with an Adoption Celebration. Join HCTV as we talk to several families about the joy of their Adoption Celebration Ñ a moment in time that they will never forget.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201225 minutes
Airwaves of Yesteryear: Early Television in Central Virginia
On April 22, 1948 the very first television broadcast south of our nation's capital happened right here in Central Virginia. WTVR began a legacy of quality local programming, which was soon followed by WXEX and WRVA. These early television pioneers brought us local favorites includingÊDandy Doodle, Sailor BobÊandÊShock Theatre. Join HCTV as we celebrate more than 60 years of community programming and look at how this new form of entertainment changed our lives forever in ÊAirwaves of Yesteryear: Early Television in Central Virginia.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201130 minutes
Alzheimer's Disease: The Longest Goodbye
Alzheimer's disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. There is no known cause, and no cure. Alzheimer's takes a devastating toll on those diagnosed with the disease and their families. Join HCTV as we hear people living with Alzheimer's, family members, health professionals and advocates tell us how they cope with this progressive illness inÊAlzheimer's Disease: The Longest Goodbye.
Community & Social IssuesMedical, Health, Fitness
201623 minutes
Ask the Question: Suicide Prevention
Suicide is the 10thÊleading cause of death in the United States. It most often occurs when stressors exceed the coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental healthÊcondition. Join HCTV as we talk to suicide prevention advocates, survivors and Henrico mental health professionals who encourage people to speak up if someone close to them appears distressed. Ask the Question. It can save lives.
Community & Social IssuesMedical, Health, Fitness
201719 minutes
More than 13 million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year. HCTV explores why bullying occurs and what our community can do to combat this disturbing social issue. Henrico County's commonwealth's attorney, school resource officers, guidance counselors, principals and young people speak about their experiences and why bullying is on the rise in our country.
Community & Social IssuesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201320 minutes
Check it Out: Stories from the Henrico County Public Library
  • Next Chapter Book Club
  • Caregiver Kits
  • Sensory Storytime
  • Homework Help at Henrico County Public Library
  • Digital Media Labs
  • Mobile Library Service
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201828 minutes
City Limits: Henrico Escapes Richmond's Attempts to Merge and Annex
When Henrico County's population began to explode in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the City of Richmond attempted to acquire the county through a merger or "consolidation." Henrico's citizens flatly voted against the takeover attempt. Undeterred, the city then filed for a 142-square-mile annexation of the county"Ðan astonishing 60 percent of the county's land mass"Ðin a courtroom battle that lasted several years. Learn how narrowly escaping these bold attempts has defined and shaped the present and future of Henrico, inÊCity Limits.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
200919 minutes
Decision: Aging out of the Foster Care System, The
At the age of 18 young adults in the foster care system must make a daunting decision: opt out of foster care now, or age out at 21 and receive benefits to help transition into adulthood.ÊHCTV features four young adults who share their struggles and successes, as well as their decisions to opt out or stay in foster care. Join us as we hear their stories, and learn what foster care professionals say about remaining in the system until age 21.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201422 minutes
Desegregation: Stories of Integration of Henrico Public Schools
The Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and Õ60s brought seismic change to American society. Perhaps the greatest impact was felt in education. The U.S. Supreme CourtÕs 1954 decision in Brown vs. the Board of Education ordered that racial segregation in schools gave unequal treatment to blacks and whites, and was unconstitutional. The decision meant school systems would have to integrate. In Henrico County, the process of school desegregation occurred gradually from 1963 to 1969. Join HCTV as we hear the stories and learn the history of this revolution in education.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201828 minutes
Domestic Violence: It's Closer Than You Think
Last year, Henrico County Police responded to more than 5,000 domestic violence calls. Domestic violence knows no economic, racial, educational or jurisdictional boundaries Ñ it occurs in every neighborhood throughout our county and nation. Join HCTV as we talk to domestic violence survivors and advocates to learn what help is available inÊDomestic Violence: It's Closer Than You Think.
Community & Social IssuesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201615 minutes
Driving Force: Henrico's Traffic Safety Unit
Henrico Police's Traffic Safety Unit is completely focused on ensuring safety on the county's roadways. Whether they're investigating a crash, arresting a drunk driver, educating students or simply informing citizens of a new law, the 15 members of this unit are serious about traffic safety. Join HCTV as we look inside theÊDriving Force: Henrico's Traffic Safety Unit.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201327 minutes
E Pluribus Unum: The Changing Face Of Henrico County
For centuries, Henrico County has been a destination for people seeking a better life. From the natives who first settled thousands of years ago and the English colonists of the 17th century, to refugees from war-torn countries in the Balkans, Asia, and Africa, our county has become a mosaic of cultures, and a microcosm of the world's peoples. Join HCTV for a colorful glimpse into what brings people here from far and wide.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHistory
201129 minutes
Early Intervention in Action: The Henrico Parent Infant Program
Most children reach developmental milestones around the same age, though some children require additional support to reach these goals. Henrico's Parent Infant Program works with children who are in need of support services from birth to age three. Join HCTV as we see early intervention in action and how children can thrive with these specialized support services.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesNature & Science
201720 minutes
Fighting the Stigma of Opioid Addiction: Voices of Recovery
Americans are becoming addicted to heroin and opioids at an alarming rate, yet few receive treatment. HCTV sat down with recovering opioid addicts who shared their stories in hopes of helping others seek help. One of the recovering addicts expressed "We're not bad people. We're sick people. When we get well, we get better. Through recovery." Join HCTV as we learn how this addiction knows no boundaries in Fighting the Stigma of Opioid Addiction: Voices of Recovery.
Community & Social IssuesMedical, Health, Fitness
201726 minutes
Finding a Way Back: The Heroin Crisis in Henrico County
Heroin has become a rampant killer across the United States. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said use of the powerful narcotic had reached an epidemic level. Henrico officials have assembled a task force to work with the community and treatment providers to develop a strong, comprehensive approach to confront the challenges of heroin. Join HCTV as we look inside this public health emergency and find where help is available.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201622 minutes
Fresh Set of Eyes: Restaurant Inspections in Henrico, A
We all enjoy a good meal out, right? In fact, Americans dine out four to five times a week on average. No one plans to contract a foodborne illness as a result, but it happens far more often than is reported. The dedicated food safety team in Henrico's Health Department performs thousands of inspections each year on the county's more than 1,100 foodservice establishments to assess risks and protect the public from potential hazards. Join HCTV and our Environmental Health Specialists as we take you inside the inspection process.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesMedical, Health, Fitness
201122 minutes
From Investigation to Education: Inside the Office of the Fire Marshal
From finding the source of a fire and enforcing fire laws, to educating school children and inspecting businesses for fire safety, the Office of the Fire Marshal covers a diverse and extensive area of responsibility to ensure the safety of Henrico residents. HCTV follows the Fire Marshals in the field as they investigate for possible arson, train to use firearms, simulate a fire escape for kids, put an accelerant-detecting canine to work and more inÊFrom Investigation to Education: Inside the Office of the Fire Marshal.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201323 minutes
Gaining New Territory: Gang Awareness in Henrico
Gangs are no longer a metropolitan or inner-city problem as they gain new territory in suburban communities Ñ they cross racial, ethnic, socio-economic and geographical boundaries. Henrico's Gang Investigative Team is committed to preventing, intervening and suppressing gang activity in our county. Join HCTV as we learn how Henrico County Police are actively identifying gang activity inÊGaining New Territory: Gang Awareness in Henrico.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201514 minutes
Giving Thanks: The History & Origins of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the country. When we gather around the table to share a meal with family and friends, do we ever think about how the holiday began? Traditions dating back hundreds of years are still honored today, from turkey and stuffing to parades and football. Join HCTV as we explore the origins of one of America's most cherished holidays.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201522 minutes
Henrico Holiday, A
Celebrate the holidays with HCTV as we explore the sights and sounds of the season right here in Henrico.Ê Join us on the James River to see the spectacular Parade of Lights. Travel back to a simpler time with the "Holiday Song & Dance Movie Night" at the Henrico Theatre,Êand visitÊsome of the most decked out, decorated homes around. Embrace all the splendor of the season inÊA Henrico Holiday.
Community & Social IssuesRecreation
201516 minutes
Henrico Homicide: The Murder of Robert Lee Cox, Jr.
On June 8, 2010 Robert Cox Jr. was violently murdered while sitting in his car listening to music. Henrico Police's Homicide Unit is still searching for leads and raking through evidence, but they need your help. Any additional tip, no matter how small, may be just what these detectives need to solve this senseless murder. Join HCTV as we delve into this homicide case, talk to friends of the deceased, and meet the Henrico detectives who will not stop searching until the killer is brought to justice.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201118 minutes
Henrico Victim/Witness Assistance Program, The
When a serious crime occurs in Henrico, the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and Police work together to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Crime victims and witnesses are essential in bringing offenders to justice, and advocates in the Victim/Witness Assistance Program support them throughout the process. Advocates are committed 24-hours-a-day to advise in legal matters, provide protection and offer counseling to help victims and witnesses get through this difficult time.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201415 minutes
Hermitage Enterprises
Hermitage Enterprises provides vocational and day-support services to Henrico County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Join HCTV as we meet these hard-working individuals at their warehouse on Hermitage Road and learn how the program helps to build their confidence, self-sufficiency and connections to the community around them.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201922 minutes
Hermitage Enterprises: Staffing and Labor Services
Hermitage Enterprises' mission is to provide vocational and day support services to Henrico citizens with intellectual disabilities. Join HCTV as we meet these hard working individuals, and learn how Hermitage Enterprises supports, educates and trains its production staff while promoting dignity and self-sufficiency.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201130 minutes
Hidden History: The Story of East End Cemetery
On the brightest of days, sunlight finds a way to cut through the canopies of mature trees at East End Cemetery in Henrico County. Don't be misled by the heavy undergrowth and tangles of vines Ñ this is sacred ground, the final resting place for thousands of African-Americans from the turn of the 20th century. Join HCTV as we gain insight into the cemetery's rich cultural history, and learn how the land is slowly being reclaimed by volunteers determined to uncover East End's secrets.
Community & Social IssuesHistoryNotable Places
201721 minutes
Identity Theft: Not a Matter of If, but When
Technology enhances our lives with countless conveniences. But it also provides endless opportunities for thieves to exploit our use of everything from social media to gift cards, credit cards, e-commerce and email. Join HCTV as we uncover some of the most popular scams, hacks, and schemes and learn how you can keep from being a target.
Community & Social IssuesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201717 minutes
Juvenile Detention in Henrico County: Rebuilding Lives to Benefit Our Community
Juvenile Detention in Henrico County: Rebuilding Lives to Benefit Our Community (Running Time: 16 minutes) – The Henrico County Juvenile Detention Home and the James River Juvenile Detention Center offer much more than a secure place for youth awaiting court action or serving short sentences. With the help of their caring staffs and innovative programming, the facilities help youths continue their education, work through any emotional or other challenges and prepare them upon release to become contributing members of the community.
Community & Social IssuesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201916 minutes
Living With Dignity: Henrico Adult Protective Services
The Henrico Social Services Department has many resources that can help adults who may be the victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Adult Protective Services are provided to elderly, infirmed and disabled adults. Join HCTV as we highlight the needs of our seniors in this exploration of Adult Protective Services.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
200923 minutes
Native Fish Species of the James River
During the 17th century the James River was silver with the Shad, Herring & Sturgeon populations. Over time, residential and commercial development, overfishing and habitat changes decimated these native species, but innovative repopulation and rehabilitation programs are now underway to replenish the river. Join HCTV as we explore how our actions and the environment have affected the fish quality, and learn whether it is, indeed, safe to eat fish from the James, in Native Fish Species of the James River.
Community & Social IssuesNature & ScienceRecreation
201039 minutes
Never Forget II: Henrico's Cold Cases: Marshall Ray Butler Homicide
Henrico County Currently has more than 80 unsolved crimes, and the cold case unit needs your help. New forensic technology has led to a break in the 1991 murder of 16 year old Marshall Ray Butler. Investigators are now on the trail of a new suspect, and all they may need is one phone call to bring closure to this horrific unsolved homicide. Never Forget.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
200622 minutes
Never Forget III: Schantz-Ripka Cold Case
On February 11, 1998 Allen Ripka and Shelly Schantz were brutally murdered in their western Henrico home. Henrico investigators had never seen a crime scene that lacked such vital forensic evidence, and after following every plausible lead, the crime remains unsolved. Henrico Police have not forgotten this double homicide, but they need the community's help to bring closure to two families and a murderer to justice.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
200929 minutes
Never Forget V: Winston & Calvin Homicides
Two cousins murdered a year apart. Two lives cut short. Both were discovered by motorists along desolate roads in the county's east end, shot multiple times. They ran with a rough crowd, and paid the ultimate price. Even though the murders occurred more than two decades ago, someone knows who killed these young men. With the public's help and advances in forensic technology, Henrico Police may soon know as well.ÊNever Forget.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201219 minutes
Never Forget VI: Michelle Taylor
On Saturday, July 25th, 1998, Andrea Taylor was stabbed to death in Henrico County and her killer is still at large today. Join HCTV as we follow the police cold case unit's reinvestigation of this horrible crime and learn how it may soon be solved. With new technology available and the possibility of new witnesses coming forward, Henrico police are actively pursuing justice for the person responsible.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201225 minutes
Never Forget VII: Inez Childress Cold Case
On September 17, 1994, 82 year-old great-grandmother Inez J. Childress was strangled and drowned in her own bathtub. The killer still remains at large, and police need your help in solving this horrific crime. Join HCTV as we talk to the Childress family members and original investigators on the scene of this homicide. One new lead for Henrico police may help to solve this crime and bring closure to the family. Never Forget.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201321 minutes
Never Forget: Arianna Davis Cold Case
Arianna "Peaches" Davis was last seen in the area of Masonic Lane and Nine Mile Road at approximately 1:15 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2010. She was only 20 years old at the time and 6 weeks away from graduating college. Both her family and Henrico police suspect that Peaches was taken against her will. Henrico police have a strong suspect in this case who is linked to other violent crimes and they need your help in bringing this criminal to justice.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201712 minutes
Never Forget: Cynthia Gillliam-Ford Cold Case
In January of 1991 Henrico Police discovered human skeletal remains wrapped in a blanket in a wooded area of the county. Evidence at the scene could not help identify the victim or lead police to a suspect. Nearly two decades later, a facial reconstruction sketch released to the media proved to be the key in uncovering the identity of this Jane Doe. Police are now hot on the trail of her killer and they need your help to find the murderer of Cynthia Gilliam-Ford. Never Forget.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201021 minutes
Never Forget: Henrico's Cold Cases: Lowther/Hall-Margaret
Henrico County currently has more than 80 unsolved violent crimes, and the Cold Case Unit needs your help. HCTV takes you inside two cases that have gone unsolved for years. First, we'll explore the 1984 Hall-Margaret double murder that stunned a community and has baffled Henrico's most experienced investigators since 1984. Then we'll learn how DNA evidence has helped investigators get close to solving the 2001 shooting of Michael Edward Lowther. The Cold Case Unit may only be one phone call away from solving these cases and bringing closure to the families devastated by these horrific crimes. Never Forget.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
200634 minutes
Never Forget: Janice Johnson Missing Person Cold Case
On November 1, 2001 Janice Johnson, a wife and mother of three children, went missing. While Police located her abandoned car several days later, no other evidence has surfaced Ñ no crime scene, no body, no witnesses. In the years that have since passed, Henrico County Cold Case detectives have worked tirelessly to link a suspect to Janice's disappearance, but they still need that one tip, or one phone call to help solve the mystery of what happened to Janice Johnson.ÊNever Forget.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201615 minutes
New Beginning: Inside Henrico Drug Court, A
Henrico County Drug Court is a structured, four-phase program designed to reduce crime and recidivism among substance abuse offenders. Drug Court works to intervene and rehabilitate participants so they can live clean and sober lives. Join HCTV as we delve inside Drug Court, meet the people who make it work and watch the addicts strive to succeed.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201519 minutes
Opportunity to Reform: The Laurel Industrial School and the History of Juvenile Corrections in Henrico, An
Few people traveling through Laurel on Hungary Road seem to notice that they're in one of the county's historic districts, or that they're passing through the site of the state's first reformatory. HCTV takes an investigative journey into the dramatic and complex history of the Laurel Industrial School, examines its legacy, and sheds light on its place on the path to modern juvenile justice.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesHistoryPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201333 minutes
ORBIT: Opiate Recovery By Intensive Tracking
In Henrico County, incarceration can provide a critical first step on a path to recovery from an opiate addiction. The Sheriff’s Office started the O.R.B.I.T., or Opiate Recovery by Intensive Tracking, program to help inmates regain control of their lives. The phased program begins by teaching the basics of recovery and helping participants create a personal relapse prevention plan. In later phases, they are allowed to work on supervised crews at county buildings and facilities, receive vocational training and reconnect with their families. O.R.B.I.T., which takes about 12 months to complete, provides support and random drug testing as participants progress to work release and home electronic monitoring.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201820 minutes
People In Crisis: Henrico Area Mental Health Crisis Center
Every year in Henrico County more than 30,000 calls are made to the Henrico Area Mental Health Crisis Hotline. Under the emergency services program, this hotline is available for anyone in the county experiencing acute mental stress. Whether callers feel suicidal, are experiencing panic attacks, or are feeling overwhelming depression, the crisis clinicians are there to help. Join HCTV as we hear stories from the professionals who staff this hotline, as well as those who have benefited from the service. If you or someone you love is experiencing significant mental stress and are unable to handle it alone, the crisis line (727-8484) is always there 24 hours a day.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesMedical, Health, Fitness
201221 minutes
Protection, Affection & Adoption: Inside Henrico's Animal Shelter
Henrico's animal shelter, its officers and its staff play a vital role in keeping our community safe. They also provide care and humane treatment of animals that support long, rewarding relationships between residents and their pets. Join HCTV as we visit the state-of-the-art animal shelter, meet a few of its residents and talk to the Animal Protection Police Officers about the adoption process, and what we all need to know about pet ownership in Henrico.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201710 minutes
REAP: Real Estate Advantage Program
If you're a county resident who is 65 or older or disabled, and own property in Henrico County, you may be able to save money on your real estate taxes if you meet the program's requirements. REAP has been growing steadily since its inception in 1973, and has made a dramatic difference in the lives of many participants. HCTV shows you how to REAP the benefits of this wonderful program.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
20154 minutes
Reinvest: Commercial Investment Tax Abatement Program
Henrico County's mature buildings and commercial corridors have history and character worth preserving, and the Reinvest Program provides a partial tax exemption to encourage the renovation, rehabilitation or replacement of these older properties. Watch as HCTV shows how this commercial investment tax abatement program has resulted in the rejuvenation of local businesses and older corridors throughout the county. Henrico representatives, local developers and business owners tell us why Henrico's Reinvest Program is a positive proposition for everyone involved.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201322 minutes
Reinvest: Residential Investment Tax Abatement Program
Now is a great time to renovate or remodel your home! With new home loans out of reach for many, staying put and updating your existing home is an increasingly attractive option, especially now that Henrico has introduced Reinvest! Let HCTV show you how an investment in your property can actually save you money in the long run.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
20104 minutes
Ringing the Bell: Police and Fire Chaplains of Henrico County
Police and Fire chaplains are volunteer ministers who provide pastoral care and spiritual support to the first responders and residents of Henrico County. Whether it's helping officers deal with stress on the job, or helping someone from the community through a difficult time, their compassion and gentle care can be invaluable during a crisis.
Community & Social IssuesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201517 minutes
Starting Over: Refugee Resettlement in Henrico
Imagine being forced to relocate your family to a foreign country because you fear for your life. There are more than 19 million refugees in the world today, and approximately 2,400 of them resettle in Virginia each year. Starting over in a region unknown can be overwhelming, but the Henrico Resettlement Program is ready to assist. Whether it's access to health care, school enrollment, or learning the English language, the people of Henrico are prepared to help ease the transition for refugees.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & Services
201618 minutes
Stories of Prevention & Recovery
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: Signs of Drug Use
  • Prescription Painkillers Use & Abuse
  • Recovery Behind Bars
  • Safe Pill Disposal
  • Treatment for Addiction
  • Stop an Opioid Overdose with Naloxone
Community & Social Issues
201826 minutes
Therapeutic Recreation in Henrico County
Therapeutic Recreation in Henrico County provides the opportunity for residents with physical and intellectual disabilities to participate in activities that benefit them socially, emotionally and physically. Join HCTV as we highlight programs including arts and crafts, sports, games, dance and drama offered by Henrico Recreation and Parks. Learn from recreation therapists, coaches, participants and parents as they describe the importance of these activities and how our disabled community benefits from these innovative programs.
RetiredCommunity & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesMedical, Health, FitnessRecreation
201223 minutes
Underage Drinking: Adult Consequences
Keeping alcohol out of the hands of underage drinkers is a team effort. Parents, school officials, law enforcement and community partners have joined together to teach tweens to twenties about the health risks and legal consequences that can result from a moment of poor judgment. HCTV talks to the experts about the steps they are taking to keep our young people safe.
Community & Social IssuesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201617 minutes
Understanding and Preventing Elder Abuse
Each year hundreds of thousands of seniors are abused, neglected and exploited in the United States. Many elder victims are frail, unable to care for themselves and depend on others to meet their most basic needs. Henrico's Adult Protective Services works with public and private agencies to stop the mistreatment of the county's elderly population. Join HCTV as we highlight the services that help detect, investigate, prosecute and prevent elder abuse cases.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesMedical, Health, Fitness
201415 minutes
Understanding Childhood Obesity: A Journey to Healthy Living
Childhood obesity is considered by many pediatricians to be the No. 1 health risk facing youth in our country. Affecting one in three children, childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels. There are many factors that have contributed to this crisis, ranging from heredity, food choices and activity levels to the way our communities are planned and designed. Making positive changes now can help our children with their own journey to healthy living.
Community & Social IssuesMedical, Health, Fitness
201814 minutes
Unsolved Henrico: Jacque Gauthier Homicide
On August 17, 2015, 45 year old Jacque Gauthier was shot and killed while riding his bicycle in the area of Edgefield Street, just a few blocks from his home. With no apparent motive and very few clues, Henrico Police continue to investigate this active case and are asking for the public's help in solving it. Viewer discretion is advised.
Community & Social IssuesHomicide Cold CasesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
20208 minutes
Vote Here! Virginia's History of Voting and Elections
For more than two centuries, VirginiaÕs electorate has expanded and become more representative of its people Ñ though not without struggle. Much like the voting ranks have changed over time, so has the process. Changes brought by the Voting Rights Act and other measures inspired by the Civil Rights Movement reverberated throughout the Commonwealth. The unfettered right to vote is available to more Virginians today than at any point in the stateÕs history. That right is not always exercised, however. Join HCTV as we explore the history of voting and the evolution of elections in Virginia.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201725 minutes
Westwood Community, The: Built on Faith and Resilience
In the near West End of Richmond Ñ not far from the bustle of Willow Lawn Ñ stands a community that speaks to the power of unity, determination and perseverance. The village of Westwood was established by former slaves in the late 19th century in what was then a remote, rural part of Henrico County. Over decades, the community grew to include dozens of humble homes as well as stores, a church and a school. But the community found itself drawn into a fight for its own survival. Facing seemingly impossible odds, the families held firm and discovered just how resilient their village could be.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201821 minutes
You Are Not Alone: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness
We've all known someone with mental health challenges, whether it be a family member, coworker, friend or have had struggles ourselves. Until recently, "recovery" was seldom uttered in the same sentence with "mental illness," but times are changing. We've come a long way from the mental institutions and sanitariums of a generation ago, but the shackles of stigma still remain. In 2011, Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services launched an innovative campaign to combat the stigma of mental illness and granted HCTV full access to the process.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesMedical, Health, Fitness
201227 minutes
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