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HCTV Programs

Henrico County Television (HCTV) programming is available through Comcast’s Video On Demand service. To access HCTV programs, select the “Get Local” folder, followed by “Government,” and finally “Access Henrico.” Video On Demand allows our Comcast cable subscribers to choose which HCTV program they want to watch and when they want to watch it. Approximately 25 programs are available at one time. We change the program line-up monthly.

You may also request a DVD of an HCTV program by calling Public Relations at 501-4257.

Birds of the James
We've all marveled at the majesty of Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Double-Crested Cormorants, and Great Blue Herons Ñ truly a natural resource to behold. What most people don't realize is that these beautiful river birds reside right here at home along the James. Join HCTV as we get up close to the birds of the James River, and learn how they are part of the wonderful natural environment that surrounds us.
Nature & Science
201326 minutes
Early Intervention in Action: The Henrico Parent Infant Program
Most children reach developmental milestones around the same age, though some children require additional support to reach these goals. Henrico's Parent Infant Program works with children who are in need of support services from birth to age three. Join HCTV as we see early intervention in action and how children can thrive with these specialized support services.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesNature & Science
201720 minutes
Four Centuries of Conflict and Confusion: The History of Dutch Gap
The history of Dutch Gap and the people who lived there spans four centuries of conflict and confusion. The Dutch Gap canal, located on the James River near the 17th-century Citie of Henricus, was originally constructed during the Civil War to shortcut the seven-mile loop around Farrar's Island. Join HCTV as we learn about Dutch Gap, how it got its name, and the many wars and battles fought throughout its history.
HistoryNature & ScienceNotable Places
201322 minutes
Full Circle: Henrico's Public Utilities and the Water Cycle
We depend on it every day for our survival, yet itÕs easy to take safe drinking water and sanitation for granted. You turn on the tap, and there it is. You flush a toilet, and away it goes. Largely out of sight, hundreds of dedicated Department of Public Utilities professionals keep the water flowing around the clock, every day of the year. It is a complicated and painstaking process, but by the end, the treated wastewater returns to the James River cleaner than the river itself.
Henrico Departments & ServicesNature & Science
201818 minutes
Henrico Horticulture: Summer 2018
Beautiful lawns depend on healthy soil, proper irrigation and regular mowing. Join HCTV and the Henrico office of Virginia Cooperative Extension as we explain how to collect soil samples for testing and understanding the results. We also show you how to set your irrigation system and offer turfgrass care tips to help your lawn thrive.
Henrico Departments & ServicesNature & Science
201815 minutes
Native Fish Species of the James River
During the 17th century the James River was silver with the Shad, Herring & Sturgeon populations. Over time, residential and commercial development, overfishing and habitat changes decimated these native species, but innovative repopulation and rehabilitation programs are now underway to replenish the river. Join HCTV as we explore how our actions and the environment have affected the fish quality, and learn whether it is, indeed, safe to eat fish from the James, in Native Fish Species of the James River.
Community & Social IssuesNature & ScienceRecreation
201039 minutes
Nature's Artwork: Wildflowers of Central Virigina
One man's weed is another man's wildflower, and there are nearly 1,500 varieties of wildflowers right here in central Virginia. Not only are these amazing natural creations a beauty to behold, they are an integral part of the ecosystem. From Cattails and Black-eyed Susans to Cardinal Flowers and Dutchman's Breeches, wildflowers pepper our landscape year-round. Join HCTV as we explore these fascinating creations in Nature's Artwork: Wildflowers of Central Virginia.
Nature & Science
201621 minutes
Only Rain Down the Drain! Protecting Our Stormwater System
The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Ñ also known as MS4 Ñ is all around us, yet it is easy to overlook. It carries runoff from streets, parking lots and other land surfaces directly to streams and creeks. This water, and the pollutants that get swept up in it, does not pass through a treatment plant before emptying into the James or Chickahominy Rivers, and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. Learn what Henrico County is doing to prevent pollution from entering our watersheds, and what you can do to help in Only Rain Down the Drain! Protecting Our Stormwater System.
Henrico Departments & ServicesNature & Science
201713 minutes
Standing Tall: Native Trees of Henrico County
From majestic oaks to loblolly pines, the native trees of Henrico not only enhance the natural beauty of the county and provide a habitat for animals, they play a vital part in the ecology of our environment. Join HCTV as we learn about the variety of native trees in our area and the role they play in the cycle of life.
Nature & Science
201225 minutes
Taking to the Sky: First Ladies of Aviation
In 1903, the Wright Brothers harnessed the mystery of flight. Male-dominated American aviators began to explore the skies and capture the imagination. But before long, women stepped forward with their own spirit of adventure. Join HCTV as we meet Martha C. West, Genevieve Krimm Orange and Maude "Maxine" Walker who found their passion for flying and a desire to go beyond the traditional roles expected of women.
HistoryNature & Science
201426 minutes
Uncovering the Truth: Polygraph Use in Henrico County
How can you tell when a person is lying? Oftentimes, his or her body will provide a clue Ñ a quick pulse, sweaty palms and stammering speech. For the better part of a century, police have interviewed suspected criminals using machines designed to help separate fact from fiction. These polygraphs Ñ or lie detectors Ñ have become an important investigative tool for law-enforcement agencies, including the Henrico County Police Division. But polygraphs have limited use and remain controversial, because the science behind them is imprecise.
Nature & SciencePublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201617 minutes
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