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Community Corrections

The Community Corrections Program works in conjunction with other government and community agencies to provide a system of intermediate punishments and services for adults referred by Henrico Courts. Our target populations are those defendants or offenders who may not require institutional custody, thereby reducing the use of jail facilities at County taxpayers' expense.

What do we do?

Pretrial Services:

  • Conduct Risk Assessments using the validated statewide Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (VPRAI) that consists of interviews, criminal history checks, and background investigations of jailed defendants prior to court arraignment
  • Recommendations to the court regarding a defendant’s release on bond pending trial
  • Supervision of defendants ordered to pretrial supervision as a condition of bond
  • Monitoring of court-ordered conditions of bond that may include drug and alcohol testing
  • Information and referral to services
  • Written progress reports to court on defendant compliance with supervision

Post Trial/Probation Services:

  • Local probation supervision for adult offenders ordered from court
  • Initial contact with probationers at sentencing in the District Courts
  • Risk/Need Assessments using the Offender Screening Tool (OST) and modified version (MOST)
  • Face to face meetings with probationers monthly or as indicated by the Risk Assessment
  • Intake interview to determine need for additional information or services
  • Drug testing
  • Manage all aspects of court requirements (e.g. community service, drug testing or treatment, evaluations, counseling, restitution, court fees)
  • Information and referral to services
  • Written progress reports to court on probationer compliance with supervision

Community Service Work:

  • Place probationers in public or private non-profit agencies
  • Verification of hours worked
  • Provide Saturday community improvement projects
  • On-site supervision for community improvement projects
  • Recognition of agencies serving as sites for community service

Group Services:

  • Referral to local providers for:
    • Substance Abuse Education Classes
    • Anger Management Classes
    • Domestic Violence Intervention Classes
    • Human trafficking Reduction Program
    • Substance Abuse Education Group
    • Shoplifting Prevention Group

Drug Court:

  • Intensive probation supervision and treatment for adult felons
  • Must meet eligibility criteria
  • Breaks the cycle of drugs and crime
  • Visit their website

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

(804) 501-5188

(804) 501-5184

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