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Virginia Randolph Museum


2200 Mountain Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060

This landmark is near Virginia Randolph Museum.

Geo Coordinates



c. 1937. Henrico County Historic Preservation Program. HP 72.

This depression era structure was built with funds from the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It was designed as a home economics cottage for a school complex. Named for one of the South’s most well-renowned African American educators.

The Virginia Randolph Museum is open to the public on Sundays from 12-4, or by appointment. Visit the park page for details.

Historical Timeline

1892 – Virginia E. Randolph begins her teaching career in Henrico at this location. The Mountain Road School was a one-room African American schoolhouse.
1908 – Miss Randolph becomes one of the first Jeanes Supervising Industrial Workers. These workers were teachers paid with funds established by Anna T. Jeanes specifically for rural African American schools.
1929 – The Virginia Randolph Training Center, later called High School, was built with Rosenwald funds. The Rosenwald fund was established by Julius Rosenwald, CEO of Sears and Roebuck, to improve learning environments for African American schools in the south.
1937 – Built as the Home Economics cottage for the Virginia Randolph Training Center, the structure also served as an office for Miss Randolph.
1950s – Virginia Randolph Foundation is established to perpetuate the legacy of the renowned educator following her retirement in 1948.
1969 – Virginia Randolph High School is closed with the integration of Henrico Schools.
1970 – The Museum in Memory of Virginia Randolph is dedicated. The museum housed in the cottage is dedicated to preserving the work of Miss Randolph.
1974 – Virginia Randolph Museum is designated as a National Historic Landmark, which the highest recognition from the U.S. Department of Interior.
2011Henrico County Recreation & Parks takes over management of the museum from Henrico Schools and the interior exhibits are updated.


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