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2892 Mountain Road
Henrico, VA

This landmark is near Walkerton Tavern.

Geo Coordinates



c. 1825. Henrico County Historic Preservation Program. HP 2.

The tavern is a five bay 2 1/2 story brick structure on an exceptionally high English basement. The brickwork features five-course American bond on the sides and back and Flemish bond on the facade. The Georgian Revival porch spans across the front of the facade.

Available for event rentals through the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. Visit or call 804.261.ARTS for details.

Historical Timeline

1825 – Construction of Walkerton is completed by John Walker, a native of Massachusetts who came to Virginia in 1789.
1826 – Walker dies without a will and his property is sold at public auction.
1827 – John P. White purchases the property and obtains a tavern license in 1828.
1834 – White sells the property and it changes hands seven times over the next seventeen years.
1844 – First reference to the dwelling/tavern as Walkerton.
1852 – Thomas Wheeley opens a store and “house of private entertainment.” Wheeley defaults on his loan and the property changes hands several times over the next five years. During this time Walkerton is listed as a voting precinct.
1857 – Fannie Hopkins obtains the property. The Hopkins family resides Walkerton and uses it as a working farm as well as a post office. The property remains in the Hopkins family until 1941.
1941 – George and Ruth Bowles purchase the property and reside there until 1986.
1984 – Walkerton is added to the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places.
1986 – S. Douglas Fleet purchases Walkerton and does extensive restoration to the building.
1995 – Henrico County acquires the house along with twenty-one acres of land.


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