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John Marshall’s Farm


4001 Clarendon Road
Meadowview Park/The Armour House and Gardens
Henrico, VA

This landmark is near Armour House & Gardens at Meadowview Park.

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Near this location stood Chickahominy Farm, the country residence of U. S. Chief Justice John Marshall. Spending weekends at the farm with his wife, Marshall wrote that farming provided many hours of “laborious relaxation.” Born in 1755, Marshall fought in the Revolutionary War before studying law under George Wythe. As a Henrico County representative at the 1788 Virginia convention, Marshall voted for ratification of the U. S. Constitution. During his 34-year tenure as Chief Justice (1801-1835) Marshall continued his interest in farming, leading to his election in 1811 as president of the organization later known as the Agricultural Society of Virginia.


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