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Meals Tax Information


On November 5, 2013, the majority of voters in Henrico County approved a referendum that would allow the Board of Supervisors to impose a tax on prepared food and beverages, commonly known as a meals tax, equal to 4% of the amount charged.

At the February 25, 2014 Board of Supervisors meeting a public hearing was held on the amendment to the Code of the County of Henrico to levy a 4% meals tax.  After the public hearing the Board of Supervisors approved the amendment to levy a 4% meals tax. The collection of this tax began on June 1, 2014.

Meals tax revenue is dedicated to the operational and capital project needs of the Henrico County Public Schools.

Below are links to informational materials on the meals tax.

Henrico County Meals Tax Application Guidelines for Food and Beverages
Meals Tax Ordinance Meals Tax Table
 Meals Tax FAQ’s


If you have questions please contact the Revenue Division at (804) 501-4310 or Morgan Howell at (804) 501-5733, [email protected]. Please continue to check the website for updated information on the meals tax.

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