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Bonnie the donkey in the pastures at Meadow Farm.

The Henrico History Section within the Division of Recreation and Parks researches, interprets, and develops programs on Henrico County history at county-owned facilities.

The Historic Roadside Marker and Building Plaque Programs
These programs promote awareness of Henrico County history through the identification of historic resources. Roadside markers feature narratives that recognize an important person, place, or event. Historic plaques display the construction date of significant historical structures. Information: 501-5123.

Library & Archives
The Library has books, videos, and subject files on topics related to local history, historic preservation, and museum best practices. The Archives serve as a repository for primary source material such as: manuscripts, personal papers, correspondence, account books, receipts, and photographs. The Meadow Farm Sheppard Family papers (1770-1980) are deposited here, as well as a collection of significant materials related to local history. Located at 3812 Nine Mile Road. Information: 501-5805.

Take a virtual tour with us or learn about an unusual aspect of Henrico history from the comfort of your own home. Check out our playlist on the Henrico Rec & Parks YouTube.

Email Newsletter: Henrico History Progress
We send out an email newsletter twice a year featuring articles on brand-new research our staff has conducted, examinations of artifacts in our collections, and the stories behind various landmarks around the county. Sign up for the newsletter!

If you missed a previous newsletter, don’t worry! We post links to past newsletters in their entirety here.

Historic Facilities

The County of Henrico owns a variety of historic sites that are administered by the Division of Recreation and Parks. Most are open to the public and serve the community in a variety of ways. Some are museums that interpret the history of the County and regional culture of the Richmond/Henrico metropolitan area. Others have historic components, tours, displays and programs, but are also available to rent and are utilized for a variety of classes and programs. Some are structures in a park setting that can be enjoyed while driving by or stopping to read roadside markers.

The Armour House and Gardens at Meadowview Park
Edmund Christian built the house at Meadowview in 1915. On the park grounds, archeologists identified two prehistoric Native American sites. In the 19th century, Chief Justice John Marshall’s Chickahominy Farm was located nearby. The Armour family sold the property to Henrico County in 1999. 4001 Clarendon Rd., Henrico, Virginia. 652-1400. Open for special programs and by appointment.

Clarke-Palmore House Museum
Built in stages beginning in 1819, John Clarke purchased the property in 1855 and added the second story. His daughter Estelle and her husband John Palmore added the clapboard section in 1910. In 1999, Vera Morton, daughter of John and Estelle Palmore, donated the house and 12 acres to the County. National Register Historic Site. 904 McCoul Street. 652-3406. Open for special programs and by appointment.

Courtney Road Service Station
This ca. 1925 structure served the Mountain Road community as a filling station and social hub for decades. Owned by the Barlow family, the station was operated by Millard Wiltshire. 3401 Mountain Rd. 652-1455. Open for special programs and by appointment.

Dabbs House Museum
Built in the 1820s, the original two-room dwelling was known as High Meadow. Confederate General Lee established the house as a temporary field headquarters in June 1862. In 1883, Henrico County purchased the property to use as an almshouse for the poor. From 1941-2005, Henrico’s police headquarters was located at Dabbs House. In 2008, Dabbs House opened as a museum and in 2010 a Tourist Information Center was added. 3812 Nine Mile Road. 652-3411. Open for special programs and by appointment.

Deep Run School Museum
Built in 1902, this two-room school house served the white community in Short Pump until 1911. Short Pump Park, 3401 Pump Road. 652-1455. Open for special programs and by appointment.

Henrico Theatre
Opened to the public in 1938, the theatre was designed by architect Edward F. Sinnott. The structure is the only distinct example of art deco architecture in the county. In 1998, Henrico County purchased the property from the Horne family, owners and operators from 1976 to 1998. National Register Historic Site. 305 E. Nine Mile Road. 652-1460. View more details.

Meadow Farm Museum
The farm was owned by seven generations of the Sheppard family, starting in the early 1700’s. In addition to the Sheppard family, there were anywhere between 8 and 21 enslaved men, women, and children who lived at Meadow Farm prior to 1865. It was also from this site that Tom and Pharaoh, enslaved men working for Mosby Sheppard, alerted him of a proposed slave rebellion on August 30, 1800. Elizabeth Adam Crump donated Meadow Farm in 1975 in memory of her late husband Sheppard Crump. National Register Historic Site. 3400 Mountain Road. 652-1455. View details and hours.

Virginia Randolph Museum
This brick structure built in 1937 was the home economics cottage for the Virginia Randolph Education Center. Virginia Randolph, an innovative African American educator in vocational training, kept an office in this building during the latter part of her life. Miss Randolph died in 1958 and is buried in front of the building. In 1974, this structure was dedicated as a museum in honor of Miss Randolph. National Register Landmark. 2200 Mountain Road. 652-1410. Open for special programs and by appointment.

Walkerton Tavern
Constructed in 1825 for John Walker, the Inn served travelers along Mountain Road. From 1857 to 1941, Walkerton was the home of the Hopkins family. The Bowles family purchased the home in 1941 and sold it to S. Douglas Fleet in 1986. Mr. Fleet sold the property to Henrico County in 1995. Currently operated by The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. National Register Historic Site. 2892 Mountain Road.

Henrico County Historical Society
The Society meets quarterly for a lecture or discussion on a topic of local historical interest. The Society also organizes special tours and other programs. Members receive a quarterly newsletter and annual magazine. For membership information, call Sarah Pace at 501-5682.

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