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Sparrow named director of Information Technology

Henrico County has appointed Travis M. Sparrow to serve as director of the Department of Information Technology, effective Feb. 17.

Sparrow has worked for Henrico since 2012, serving first as an information technology systems engineer and more recently as the information technology manager. He also served as network administrator for Richmond Public Schools from 2005 to 2011.

Sparrow will succeed Thomas L. Owdom, who is retiring after 41 years of service to Henrico, including seven years as director of Information Technology.

Sparrow holds an associate degree in applied science in microcomputer technical support with a network specialization from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in professional studies in information technology at the University of Richmond.

As director of Information Technology, Sparrow will oversee a department responsible for serving the computer-oriented information-processing needs of county agencies, including equipment selection, application development, software and hardware maintenance and data and telecommunications network development and support. Information Technology operates the county’s computer center and its IT Help Desk. It also oversees the county’s security cameras, telephone systems, mobile devices and E-911 system as well as its Geographic Information System. The Department of Information Technology has a 97-position staff and a budget of $14.5 million in fiscal 2017-18.

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