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Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

Heidi S. Barshinger

The Code of Virginia lists more than 800 responsibilities of the Clerk, Heidi S. Barshinger, many of which are complex and challenging. The Clerk serves as the recorder of deeds and probate judge, issues marriage licenses and fictitious names, judgments, and is the official court administrator for all civil and criminal court cases. In this latter capacity, the Clerk creates and maintains all court files and records, prepares court orders and jury lists, contacts jurors and issues summons and court processes.

Important Security Notice for all wishing to enter the Henrico County Courthouse.

Posted Orders & Notices

One of the duties of the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is to post Orders and Notices of Publication.

December 22, 2023 – Clerk’s Office Operation

Thanksgiving Holiday – Clerk’s Office Operation

Election Day Holiday – Clerk’s Office Operation

Order of Electronic Publication: Divorce of Lindsey Eck from Ernesto Henry

Contact Us

  • Hours of Operation

    Clerk’s Office Public Hours Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Land Records Recording Hours Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    All messages are returned during operating hours.

    • Anything you would like to tell us?
    • Any comments, suggestions, or questions?

Virginia Courts Online Services

Virginia Judiciary Online Payment System

Online access to case and payment information for circuit courts. Cases may be searched using name or case number.

Virginia Judiciary Online Statewide Search

Look-up case status and information online. Online access to a statewide search of criminal and traffic case information in general district courts and select circuit courts.

Case Alert Subscription System

Receive alerts and reminders via text or email on traffic or criminal cases.

Virginia Forms

A complete listing of the available forms online. Many forms can be completed and printed for submission to the court, including Criminal, Civil, Deed, and Fiduciary. Check with the court regarding other available forms.

Delivery Address
4309 E. Parham Road
Courthouse Bldg, Rm 240
Henrico, VA 23228

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

General Information
(804) 501-4202

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