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Public Works

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The Department of Public Works is responsible for developing, improving and maintaining, an efficient and safe transportation and drainage network for Henrico County.   The Department of Public Works is divided into 8 Divisions: Administration, Construction, Design, Environmental Services, Real Property, Road Maintenance, Transportation Development, and Traffic Engineering . These divisions ensure that all engineering, construction and maintenance work for roads, drainage, transit service, and erosion control follow the acceptable standards achievable with the efficient use of capital expenditures to provide the residents of Henrico County the ability to travel throughout the County in a safe manner and with minimum congestion. We strive to provide each resident with the informative and factual response to any inquiry in a timely manner.

Word on the Street

photo of Word on the Street

This newsletter will give monthly project updates, as well as traffic impacts and surveys for potential upcoming projects so your voice can be heard. Each version is customized to your District! Sign up today!


Arrive Alive Henrico

photo of Arrive Alive Henrico

Arrive Alive Henrico is the County’s plan to improve transportation safety for all road users, regardless of how they navigate around the County.

Henrico County received funding from the Department of Transportation to develop Arrive Alive Henrico. The funding was provided through Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A), which promotes transportation safety by supporting efforts to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries.


Henrico NEXT: Draft Bike Plan

photo of Henrico NEXT: Draft Bike Plan

Henrico has started updating the County’s comprehensive plan. This important document will provide the framework for how the county will grow and develop over the next 20 years. Included in the 2045 Comprehensive Plan, the Major Thoroughfare Plan will address transportation concerns in the County, one of these being bicycle accessibility and facilities.

Check out the Draft Bike Plan.

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The Henrico Next has an interactive map available for residents and stakeholders to share their thoughts about the future of places in our community.

WOAH! - Watch Out Ahead Henrico!

photo of WOAH! - Watch Out Ahead Henrico!

Watch Out Ahead Henrico (WOAH!) is a public-awareness campaign to promote safer streets for everyone.

Join Our Team!

We’re looking for people to improve and help our community. Send us your contact information and select your interest areas to learn more.

Henrico Department of Public Works
4305 E. Parham Rd.
Henrico, VA 23228

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

[email protected]

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