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Emergency Communications

Dispatcher floor

Our Vision
To be the leading 911 emergency communication center, providing swift and effective assistance to individuals in their time of need.

Our Mission
To provide the highest level of emergency communication services to our community. 

Our Values

  • Harmony - We prioritize fostering a harmonious environment where all team members can thrive together.
  • Excellence - We are dedicated to providing excellent service and support to our community during times of crisis. 
  • Accountability - We believe in taking ownership of our actions and responsibilities, both individually and as a team. 
  • Resilience - We believe that being resilient allows us to navigate through challenges and setbacks with grace and determination.
  • Trustworthy - Our workplace is built on the foundation of trustworthiness. We believe in fostering an environment where our team members can rely on each other’s integrity, competence, and reliability.

Read our Guiding Principle

Henrico Emergency Communications logo

The Henrico Department of Emergency Communications is a proud TRI-ARC Accredited public safety partner and the heart of public safety operations. Henrico 911 Dispatchers process nearly 500,000 calls each year and dispatch Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services to calls for service. They are the true first responder and the first voice people hear on potentially the worst day of their life. Every day, every call, and every person they encounter is never the same.

Apply Now! | 911 Dispatchers

Henrico County 911 Public Safety DispatchersOur hiring process for the 98th Basic Communications Academy is currently open. Learn more about our application process and details about this position.

  • Application Deadline: Monday, August 26, 2024
  • Tentative Start Date: Monday, February 10, 2025

Virtual Information Sessions

The Henrico County Department of Emergency Communications holds Virtual Information Sessions several times per year to allow potential applicants to learn more about what it takes to be a first, first responder. There are currently no sessions scheduled.

Learn more about our future application process and details about this position.

Physical Address
7701 E. Parham Rd.
Henrico, VA 23228

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

[email protected]

Police Non-Emergency
Recruitment & Hiring Information

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