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Henrico’s Environmental Action Resource Team

Heart Landing Page Banner of trees & blue sky
HEART logo of bright green & teal color heart with leaves on a branch cut out in the middle & text of Henrico's Environmental Action Resource Committee underneath in bright green & teal

Henrico’s Environmental Action Resource Team (H.E.A.R.T.) pledges to reduce the impact of Henrico County General Government and Henrico Schools on the environment. 

The Henrico Environmental Action Resource Team (H.E.A.R.T.) is made up of representatives from various Henrico County agencies all dedicated to pushing forward county efforts to promote sustainability, preserve natural resources, beautify the community and protect the environment. They serve as a think tank for the county’s environmental initiatives and aim to streamline such programs. Follow along as they make Henrico County and our environment a better place! 

We will:

  • Promote sustainability, conserve resources, and strive for the highest quality of life for our residents. 
  • Expand and promote the use of our sustainable transportation network. 
  • Protect county greenspace and provide high quality recreation opportunities. 
  • Conserve and provide stewardship of our natural water resources. 
a corkboard image with 5 small photos of people & plants with the text Scrapbook at the top next to the HEART logo

Check out recent pictures of H.E.A.R.T.
at Earth Day 2024, Rocky Branch Stream Cleanup
and Environmentally Safe Fire Foam

a cartoon turtle by a map & tree with the words Stewart's Travels underneath. A bench is to the right.

Exploring Henrico’s Environmental Initiatives

Hello! I am Stewart the Turtle! As H.E.A.R.T.’s mascot, I am a spokesperson for all things environmental. I will update the blog with H.E.A.R.T.’s initiatives and remind you to be GREEN! Together, we can make Henrico a greener and better space for all of its inhabitants — people and animals alike! 

Summer Stream Cleanups
June 20, 2024

Fight the Bite  with Henrico’s Mosquito Section
May 14, 2024

Henrico County Division of Fire “responds to the call” for greener environmental practices  
April 25, 2024

Henrico’s Reforestation Program is Underway!  
March 20, 2024

Get ready to hear a youthful voice!  
February 6, 2024

Noticed anything new around Lake Hening recently?
January 9, 2024

Street Safety with WOAH!   
December 1, 2023

Blog Archive

Climate Resilient RVA text in green & blue with a 3 leaf plant by the word Climate

Take the Phase 2 public opinion survey

Our Teams 

We will work diligently on behalf of our residents, businesses, and visitors to provide equal access to Henrico County’s natural resources and to encourage a shared responsibility for their protection.

HEART energy & resource circle photo of 2 workers handling a solar panel on a roof

Energy and Resource Conservation 

Promotes a culture of sustainability in Henrico County to: Conserve resources, Build Resilience, Improve Quality of Life, and Protect the Environment. 

HEART Green space & recreation circle photo of a man holding a sapling, a woman with a kerchief on her head adding dirt & a small boy helping

Green Space and Recreation 

Champions the preservation and stewardship of greenspace and passive recreational opportunities in Henrico County.

HEART Mobility & Active Transportation circular photo of a closeup of the spokes of a tire with green grass & sidewalk in the background.

Mobility and Active Transportation  

Encourages awareness and expansion of Henrico County’s sustainable transportation infrastructure.

HEART water resources circle photo of 2 men wearing knee high rubber boots walking in a stream each one holding an orange trash collection bag & tool for picking up trash

Water Resources  

Protects and improves Henrico’s water resources through community education, partnerships, and County-led actions.

Heart Submit Button with the words Public Input in white with a background of a stream, rock & tall grasses

Henrico’s Environmental Action Resource Team wants to hear from you!

HEART Newsletter words in teal, green on white background masthead from  April 2024 newsletter. Under the date is HEART's mission statement in white text on a darker teal background

H.E.A.R.T. Partners

A logo of a black circle outline with a yellow half circle inside. In the center is a graphic with a green tree on sky blue background & a depiction of a yellow sun with rays to the right. On the lower half, a green grass background with a white bench & the words Keep Henrico Beautiful in yellow stacked.
Logo of a silhouette representing buildings, one green & 2 blue with blue curved line underneath representing land. Text underneath reads Virginia PACE Authority in green & Clean Energy Financing  below in blue text.
Logo of dark blue text PlanRVA with a purple & blue line curving from the L to below & after the A. Underneath, to the left, is purple & blue text Where the region comes together to look ahead
Logo of a solid blue D with 3 white lines through it on the left. Bold black text of Dominion Energy is to the right of the D & Solutions black text underneath
A badge shaped logo outlined in dark green with VIRGINIA in white letters at the top. Inside is a white border, then a red badge shaped graphic with DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY in white with a silhouette of 2 green trees with a blue stream in between.
Logo of grey text reading Fall Line with a green tree silhouette replacing the A in Fall & the I in Line. A teal slightly wavy line touches the bottom of  the tree.
Logo with purple to dark purple text of GRTC. A thin white line curves through the letters representing motion.
Logo of blue text letters CVWMA with 3 green arrows in a circle around the V
Logo of silhouettes of 4 trees with roots & blue text of capital trees underneath
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