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Henrico awarded $10.6 million from state for adult crisis, detoxification center

Henrico County will receive $10.6 million from the commonwealth to open a 24-hour treatment center for adults who are experiencing a mental health crisis or are needing detoxification services.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced the funding today as part of Virginia’s Right Help, Right Now plan for behavioral health care. 

The facility, planned at the Eastern Government Center, will include 16 crisis stabilization unit beds for short-term overnight crisis care, 16 detoxification beds and 16 23-hour recliners for evaluation, calming and additional treatment and support.

The funding from the state’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services will be combined with $13 million already secured from the county and federal sources to cover the facility’s $23.6 million capital cost.

An architect and engineer have begun work to design the facility. The county also is working to secure a behavioral health services company to operate the facility.

“Henrico County is grateful and excited to partner with the Governor and DBHDS to expand our continuum of care for individuals who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis,” said Laura S. Totty, executive director of Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services. “The Crisis Receiving Center and Detoxification Center will provide an opportunity for individuals to receive immediate treatment in the community while reducing the need for inpatient care. It will be life changing for our community and region. This funding will allow us to move from the planning and design stages for the center to implementation and will fill a critical gap in services.”

State officials cited a need for several such facilities locally, noting the region currently has only 16 crisis stabilization beds, with eight crisis receiving chairs coming online soon. A timeline for the construction of the Henrico center will be determined once a contractor is selected.

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