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Plan of Development Review Guidelines

All Plans of Development (POD’S) reviewed regarding businesses or subdivisions (including mufti-family or single family) are examined and / or reviewed with a “what if scenario” that the Division of Fire must employ. This method is necessary based upon the overall mission of our organization. This process helps to promote the safety of the occupants during an emergency while assisting our efforts in preventing loss of a structure to fire.

The Office of the Fire Marshal works in close conjunction with the Departments of Public Utilities, Planning, Public Works and Building Official’s Office on all Projects where the design, layout or site maybe of concern in firefighting efforts.

Of special concern in our review procedures are:

  • Fire hydrants – adequacy of hydrants, access to, location of, water main size.
  • Use groups – manufacturing, high hazard, public assembly. (What will be in this structure and what are the dangers?
  • Built in features -structures with sprinkler systems, standpipes, and fire alarm systems for occupants.

Plan of Development Review Guidelines (POD) – This paper also contains an explanation of our comments in the review process.

Please understand that this is not an all inclusive list and other items will be looked at as well.

For more information email the Fire Marshal’s Office at [email protected] or call 501-4914.

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