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Native Plants Resources

Closeup photo of 2 Acorns On a tree Branch with several green leaves on a blurred background of vegetation.

The Henrico County Planning Department has created a list of trees and other plantings that are native to Virginia and have adapted to flourish in our climate. The Native Virginia Species list is a great resource for developers, landscapers and residents who want to “plant native.” Along with their ability to thrive naturally in our county, these native plants are suggested for developers who are seeking compliance with Henrico County’s planning and development ordinances. Currently, a minimum of 35% of all plants in a proposed landscaping plan must be Native Virginia Species. Henrico’s environmental stewardship mission is clear: create healthy green spaces and enhance the beauty of our county for the future.    

Henrico County native plant list

A book cover with Native Plants for Virginia's Capital Region tile in white cursive text on green background. Underneath are 4 vertical rectangles with close up photos of white & purple flowers. In the bottom right corner is text of Plant RVA Natives A Capital Idea! with images of a butterfly, dogwood blossoms & red cardinal.

Local native plant guide

HEART shaped logo of bright green & teal colors with white leaves on a branch in the middle. Henrico's Environmental Action Resource Committee text underneath in bright green & teal.

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