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Henrico salutes owners of exceptional residential, business properties

The Keep Henrico Beautiful Committee has selected the winners of its annual awards program that honors properties that are beautifully landscaped and highlight best practices for soil and water conservation and garden habitats.

The Henrico County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, June 25 recognized each magisterial district’s winner of the Land Lover Award and the countywide winner of the Clean Business Award.

In the awards program’s 24th year, the Keep Henrico Beautiful Committee also presented the Appreciation Award to the ORBIT program of the Henrico Sheriff’s Office. ORBIT, which stands for Opiate Recovery by Intensive Tracking, is a voluntary substance-abuse recovery program that allows inmates to perform groundskeeping and other beautification work at county facilities.

The winners of the Land Lover award for residential properties are Dr. Locke and Rebecca Taylor of the Brookland District, Royal and Deborah Harris of the Fairfield District, the Nagi family of the Three Chopt District, the Vernon family of the Tuckahoe District and the Cable family of the Varina District.

The winner of the Clean Business Award is Fareva Richmond, Inc., at 2248 Darbytown Road.

The awards, presented annually since 1995, recognize home and business properties that are attractively landscaped, well-maintained and litter-free.

To be eligible for a Land Lover Award, residents must perform their own landscaping and lawn care. Nominees for a Land Lover or Clean Business award must participate in an ongoing recycling program, such as composting, curbside pickup or drop-off service.

All nominees are encouraged to follow best practices for water quality and soil health. These may include the use of rain barrels, rain gardens or solar panels, as well as participation in the Virginia Conservation Assistance Program through the Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District and the SMART Lawns program of the Henrico office of Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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