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Henrico Extension to offer testing of well water in September

Residents using private water supplies in their homes such as wells and springs can test the quality of their water through a program available from Henrico’s office of Virginia Cooperative Extension.

The Virginia Household Water Quality Program will examine samples for pH, hardness, fluoride and contaminants such as coliform bacteria and lead. Participants will collect their samples with kits provided by Henrico Extension. Testing will be conducted at Virginia Tech, which will provide an analysis of the samples and recommendations for addressing any problems discovered in the water. Test results are confidential.

To participate, residents should register by Friday, Sept. 11 by calling (804) 501-5160. Cost is $60.

Participants will pick up collection kits on Monday, Sept. 21 and return their samples on Wednesday, Sept. 23 at the Henrico Extension office in the Human Services Building, 8600 Dixon Powers Drive. Face coverings will be required to enter the building; social distancing accommodations will be in place.

Additional information is available from Virginia Cooperative Extension.     

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