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My Henrico Academy now accepting applications

Free program helps immigrants engage with county, community

Henrico County is accepting applications for My Henrico Academy, a free program that helps immigrants connect with their local government and community as well as access a host of programs, services and resources.

Offered with the Asian & Latino Solidarity Alliance of Central Virginia, My Henrico Academy will be held in seven sessions from May through October. The small group will meet from 4 to 8 p.m. on select Wednesdays at locations throughout Henrico to discuss such topics as business and educational opportunities and tips for staying safe and healthy. A culturally diverse meal will be provided each session.

Henrico and the nonprofit alliance first offered My Henrico Academy in 2019 to strengthen the relationship between recent immigrants and the county, its leaders and the community.

“My Henrico Academy reflects Henrico’s commitment to our multicultural communities and recognizes their contributions to our robust county,” said Raina Vann, multicultural community liaison. “It offers an opportunity for participants to take what they learn about how the county government works, the resources that are available, and the contacts they make and become ambassadors by sharing that information within their communities. As a county, Henrico is committed to supporting all communities in how they live, work and play.”  

While participation in My Henrico Academy is free, registrants must complete an application and, if accepted into the program, must pay a $50 deposit to reserve their spot. The fee will be refunded upon program completion. Applications are due by Wednesday, March 2.

In general, candidates for My Henrico Academy should be an immigrant or a descendent age 21 or older who lives, works or plays in Henrico. They also should be proficient in English, have access to transportation and be able to attend all sessions.

For more information, go online or contact Vann at (804) 501-5844 or [email protected].

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