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Henrico completes its first section of the much-anticipated Fall Line Trail

Henrico County officials cut the ribbon Tuesday of the Spring Park section of the 43-mile Fall Line Trail. The 1,400-foot section is the first to be completed in Henrico County.

Cooper Fall Line Trail Pc July 2024

The Fall Line Trail, once completed, will connect seven localities from Ashland to Petersburg. The Spring Park section begins Henrico’s portion of the trail by connecting pedestrians and cyclists to Richmond’s Joseph Bryan Park, located just over the county line near Lakeside. A new pedestrian hybrid beacon, also known as a HAWK beacon, allows trail users to stop vehicular traffic as needed to safely cross Lakeside Avenue between Bryan and Spring parks.

The Spring Park section will act as a trailhead for users. Construction on amenities including public restrooms is anticipated to begin this fall. In addition, Sports Backers is expected to renovate a former bank building on the site for use as its new headquarters by the end of this year.

Fall Line Trail Pc July 2024

 “It’s more than just a trail,” Fairfield District Supervisor Roscoe D. Cooper III said. “It’s a gateway to our parks, neighborhoods and history.”

The next phase of the project is scheduled to begin by the end of the year and will connect the Spring Park section to Dumbarton Road and then throughout Lakeside. By late 2026, Henrico’s entire portion will stretch from Joseph Bryan Park to the Chickahominy River at the Henrico/Hanover counties line.

For more information on all of Henrico’s scheduled sections of the Trail, visit

Fallline Overview Map
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