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Henrico Sports & Events Center

Project Status: Completed

Estimated Cost: $50 Million
Start Date: January 2020
Actual End Date: November 2023

1 All Star Boulevard
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Magisterial District:   Fairfield  

The Henrico Sports & Events Center is a state-of-the-art convocation and championship complex with 12 basketball courts/24 volleyball courts and features:

  • 185,000 square foot building with 115,000 square feet of contiguous court space
  • Ceiling-mounted athletic equipment
  • Massive 39,000-square-foot event space with center court seating large enough to accommodate 3,500 spectators or staging and seating for up to 4,500 for meetings and events
  • 4 meeting rooms for collaboration and connection
  • 4 team locker rooms plus 2 officials locker room areas
  • Coaches room and mezzanine viewing area
  • 4-sided LED scoreboard equipped with live camera feeds and sponsorship capabilities
  • Box office windows for ticketed events
  • Full broadcast hookups including AV throughout the complex and a professional broadcast studio designed to send live event video, produced videos, and event information to enhance the fan experience

Contact Us

Megan Hazzard
(804) 501-7970
[email protected]


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