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Events in 2011

400th Anniversary Celebration Events in 2011

January 29 – Hunt for Henrico History, Glen Allen High School

February 11 – African-American History in Music and Stories, Henrico Theatre

March 5 – Kite Festival and the Tastes an Sounds of Henrico, Dorey Park

March 19 – Virginia Indian Cultural Program, The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen

April 5 – All Henrico Reads: Featuring Henrico Author David Baldacci, Glen Allen High School

April 16 – Earth Day, Three Lakes Park

May 29 – Moving Henrico Forward: Air, Road, Rail, and Water, Virginia Aviation Museum (Museum closed in 2016.)

June 11 – Henrico’s Civil War History Bus Tour*, various county landmarks

July 4 – Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration, Meadow Farm at Crump Park

August 20 – Henrico’s African-American Heritage Bus Tour*, various county landmarks

September 23 – Civil War Commemoration: Henrico County: Gateway to Richmond, 1861 – 1865, Henrico Theatre

September 24 – Civil War Commemoration: Encampment and Exhibits, Tree Hill Farm

September 25 – Civil War Commemoration: Tours and Demonstrations with the National Park Service, Fort Harrison

October 15 – Harvest Festival, Meadow Farm at Crump Park

October 22 – Overview of Henrico’s History Bus Tour*, various county landmarks

November 5 – Hunt for Henrico History, Eastern Henrico Recreation Center

December 20 – Dedication of The 2011 Room, Western Government Center

*Bus tour events had an admission fee.

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