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Matching-grant program available to help local businesses attract new employees

Area small businesses can get support attracting new employees with signing bonuses through a matching-grant program that is available through Virginia Career Works Capital Region.

Part of the state’s “Return to Earn” initiative, the hiring-incentive program will pay qualifying businesses up to $500 in matching funds for signing bonuses paid by employers for newly hired employees.

Brian Davis, executive director of the Capital Region Workforce Partnership, noted that local employers have positions available but are experiencing challenges filling them.

“Any tool in the box we can make available that might help get job seekers into open positions can only help in closing the current hiring gap,” Davis said.

To qualify, a business must have fewer than 100 employees across all of its Virginia locations and new employees must be unemployed at the time they are hired. Eligible positions can be full- or part-time and must pay a minimum of $15 per hour.

A qualifying business will be reimbursed for half of a bonus it pays to a newly hired employee, up to $500. The program will help match bonuses for up to 25 new hires for a qualifying business.

Applications and additional information are available from Virginia Career Works Capital Region and by calling (804) 652-3228.   

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