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LINK microtransit service starts in Sandston/Elko area

LINK Microtransit van in front of Henrico Theatre

Residents of the Sandston and Elko area now have a free public transportation option available at their front door.

GRTC and Henrico County officials came together Thursday to announce the LINK microtransit service to the Sandston/Elko Zone, which begins Monday. LINK is an on-demand van service designed to fulfill the transportation needs of areas that might not support traditional fixed-route transit service. Users can call (804) 358-4782 or download and use the GRTC On the Go app to request a ride within the designated zone.

Henrico County and GRTC officials cut the ribbon in front of the GRTC LINK van.
Credit: GRTC

“This new zone introduces a modern approach to transportation,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Tyrone E. Nelson said before a ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the Henrico Theatre in Highland Springs, which is within the Sandston/Elko Zone. “Whether it’s a quick trip to the store, getting to a doctor’s appointment or connecting with other GRTC services at nearby stations, this microtransit LINK zone ensures that transportation is both accessible and convenient.”

The Sandston/Elko Zone is the fifth of five planned microtransit zones across the region and the second in Henrico. The Azalea Zone launched last year.

Henrico works with GRTC and other localities to provide public transportation options in the region. GRTC’s services include PulseCARE and LINK.

LINK service is available Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, visit

Credit: GRTC
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