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Fight the Bite  with Henrico’s Mosquito Section

H.E.A.R.T. has some great information to help you get outdoors, get active and enjoy Mother Nature.  

Turtle mascot holding a white mosquito scoop against winter woods & a small bit of water

Did you know that Henrico County has a “mosquito group” in the Department of Public Works? That’s right, the Environmental Services Division’s Mosquito Section uses an integrated management approach to help Henrico residents combat mosquito-related issues.    

A young man wearing a fluorescent vest & jeans is squatting next to a mosquito trap.

From April to October, employees monitor 100 surveillance (trapping) locations, treat up to 600 sites monthly and participate in public outreach events to help residents Fight the Bite. In addition, the Mosquito Section helps residents by offering  free mosquito inspections of their properties. These consultations can provide homeowners with information to know what they can do to reduce mosquito breeding in the area. Recommendations may include choosing one day a week to dump all items that may be holding water. That includes bird baths, flowerpot trays, outdoor toys and pet water bowls!  

The Mosquito Section uses field data to keep track of mosquito species that frequent Henrico, including some that may carry the West Nile or Zika viruses. While not a reason to panic, it is important that residents stay informed and take steps to protect themselves from mosquito bites and related diseases. Wearing light-colored clothing, including long pants and sleeves, and applying an EPA-certified mosquito repellant can be one of the best approaches.  

A group of 3 men & 3 women wearing fluorescent vests holding mosquito capture tools with grass & trees in the background. 3 people are kneeling.

The Mosquito Section is responsible for inspecting and treating standing water in the county, as well. Treatments using an environmentally friendly larvicide called Bacillus thuringiensis, subspecies israelensis (BTi), targets mosquitoes, black flies and fungus gnats in their larval forms.   

The most effective way to combat mosquito populations and enjoy more time outdoors is to work together as a community.  

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Woman wearing a fluorescent vest & gloves, kneeling down next to a stream using a mosquito trap scoop.
Two young women wearing fluorescent vests are both looking down at the contents of a mosquito trap.
A young woman wearing a fluorescent vest is looking down at the contents of a mosquito trap she's holding.
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