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Staff List

Shannon L. Taylor – Commonwealth’s Attorney




Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney

Michael S. Huberman

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorneys

Matthew C. Ackley
Michael A. Jagels

Deana A. Malek
Toni M. Randall

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys

Nael A. Abouzaki

Mackenzie K. Birkitt

Jean E. Bowker

Stephanie D. Cangin

Po M. Chau

Andrew Climo

Elliott H. DeJarnette V

Nicholas D. Emmons

Taylor M. Finnie

Rachel N. Hott

David M. Kelley

Tania J. Kregar

Alison B. Linas

Alexandra D. Maher

Michelle L. Marken

Alison G. M. Martin

Dylan J. McAuley

Mallory K. McCune

Susan C. Meyer

Cynthia R. Micklem

Corey M. Nicholson

Susan L. Parrish

Joseph “Jay” R. Peluso
Margaret M. Ransone

Christina M. Romine

Jennifer T. Rutherford

Andrew P. Smeltzer

Alyssa M. Thompson

Terrica M. Taylor

Victim/Witness Staff

Shelly Shuman-Johnson – Director

Renee Duffy – Assistant Director

Taryn Giroux – Assistant Director

Kate Bennett – Victim Specialist
Vacant – Victim Specialist

Kristen Camp – Senior Victim Specialist

Mariah Chamberlain – Victim Specialist
Erica Clark – Victim Specialist

Ashley Crews – Victim Specialist
Susan Haynes – Program Assistant Senior

Natalie Kent – Victim Specialist

Brittany Krebs – Program Assistant Senior

Nicole Mayton – Senior Victim Specialist
Jessica Rubio – Victim Specialist

Caroline Wagner – Program Assistant

Contact Us

Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office

(804) 501-4218

(804) 501-4110

[email protected]

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Note: Email is not monitored 24 hours a day.

Main Courts Building, 1st Floor, Room 170

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