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Multicultural Community Engagement


Multicultural Community Engagement provides access to resources, key information and a variety of engagement opportunities to the diverse population of multicultural, immigrant and refugee residents who call Henrico County home. Individuals and community partners are encouraged to come here to learn about – and find – the services, support and access residents are entitled to receive throughout the county. 

Whether you are new to the county or a long-time resident, it is helpful to have trusted relationships and resources to improve your experiences. By prioritizing language access through interpretation services and translation, we are focused on building strong county-community partnerships. 

Please visit often and share the many offerings and opportunities to stay engaged with your Henrico County. 

Raina Vann
Henrico County Multicultural Liaison
[email protected]

Language Access

Henrico County provides residents with interpretation and translation support in more than 200 languages.

Please ask to receive help in your home language when you are visiting a department in-person or when you call a department for assistance.

To translate this page into your home language please select the purple “Translate” tab in the right column.

Henrico: Diverse Communities, Cultures, Heritages and Identities


Black History Month


Women’s History Month


Arab American Heritage Month


Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander American Month
Jewish American Heritage Month


LGBTQ Pride Month

Sept. 15 – Oct. 15



Native American Heritage Month


Partner Agencies and Services

Community Resources



Virginia Relay

Newcomer Resources

Office of New Americans (ONA)

Refugee Services (ONA)

Resettlement Agencies

International Rescue Committee

Commonwealth Catholic Charities

MCE Bulletin Board

Visit the MCE Bulletin Board for up to date education, engagement, health and wellness, housing, safety, support services, workforce training, opportunities and job fair information and resources.

Know Your Rights and Resources

Resources for housing, employment, public accommodations, healthcare, education, voting and credit.

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