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Secure Your Loads

Be Responsible, Secure your Load and Stop Litter!

You can do your part to help prevent litter, accidents and pollution! When using any vehicle or trailer to haul material, take a few minutes to secure the load. You are responsible for it; and it is also the law!

Tips for Securing Loads:

  • Tie down items with rope, bungee cords or adjustable straps. Tie large items directly to the vehicle or trailer.
  • Cover your load with a sturdy reinforced plastic or canvas tarp.
  • Make sure brush and debris are not overhanging vehicle/trailer or dragging on road.
  • Put lighter weight items at the bottom of the load, such as empty cardboard boxes
  • Don’t overload. Keep material level with the top of truck bed or trailer .
  • Always double check your load and be aware of it while driving!
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