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Message from the County Manager

John Vithoulkas County Manager of Henrico CountyOn behalf of the Henrico County Board of Supervisors, I am pleased to present the Henrico County Report on Regional Cooperation.

This document highlights the many ways Henrico is working to build a stronger region, through programs, initiatives and agreements with neighboring communities, state and federal agencies, and other entities.

These efforts — now totaling about 240 — play an important, sometimes overlooked role in the region’s success. They touch practically every function of local government, including public safety, education, economic development, procurement, tourism, libraries, recreation, recycling, public utilities and transportation.

These efforts mean safer neighborhoods, more efficient use of tax dollars, better policies and a stronger quality of life for residents. Some are routine, such as day-to-day communication and coordination between our staffs and service on regional boards and commissions. Others command public attention and investment — for example, the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies and CodeRVA Regional High School, which opened in fall 2017.

For context, it is important to remember that Virginia’s system of government establishes counties and cities as independent entities. Above all, each must be focused on serving and advancing the interests of its residents.

At the same time, the state allows flexibility to look beyond jurisdictional lines, when appropriate. As one of Virginia’s original counties, Henrico understands its strategic position in the central Virginia and Mid-Atlantic regions.

To underscore Henrico’s commitment to the region’s well-being, this report organizes efforts in six categories that reflect the type of community we strive to be:

• Safe and secure;
• Vibrant, prosperous and on the move;
• Customer-focused, well-managed, fiscally sound and efficient;
• Responsible with infrastructure and natural resources;
• Engaged, active and always learning; and
• Healthy and caring.

The success of Henrico, our neighboring communities and the region are intertwined in many ways. I encourage you to get involved and take advantage of all that makes our community such a wonderful place to be.


John A. Vithoulkas
Henrico County Manager

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