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Chief of Emergency Communications

Pond Kevin 2023 1
Henrico County Chief of Emergency Communications Kevin M. Pond

Chief Kevin Pond
Henrico County Chief of Emergency Communications

Chief of Emergency Communications, Kevin M. Pond, holds a Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice and forensic science from Radford University, a certificate in Allied Health Sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Masters Certificate in Public Administration, and is pursuing a Master of Public Administration from Liberty University with a cognate in Business & Local Government Management. 

On June 17, 2023, Pond was appointed as the first Henrico County Chief of Emergency Communications. Prior to this new role leading the Department of Emergency Communications (DEC), Pond began his county career as a firefighter in 2008 serving the eastern and western battalions, and advanced to other positions within the Division of Fire, including EMS supervisor and captain for the Emergency Communications Center. He has program management experience, and has developed several programs that received awards from the National Association of Counties.

Chief Pond studied prehospital medicine and obtained National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedic certification from VCU. He is a nationally registered Rapid Sequence Intubation Paramedic, a tactical paramedic with the Henrico Fire tactical medic team and a member of the Central Virginia All-Hazards Incident Management Team, serving in operations and planning. He is a member of NENA, APCO, a credentialed Fire Officer, and a certified EMD and EFD.

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